Friday, April 04, 2008

Post Titled: Paul Diddy a.k.a. Paul Tyree-Francis' OBAMA HYPE poster remixmash of Shepard Fairey's Obama poster.
originially posted in electropeasant,

+*psssst* electropeasant has gotten really good lately.

sad sad sad if you go to the original post there is also the house where elliott smith died. sad sad sad. almost everyone I know in the Pacific NW remembers where they were and/or who the first called or talked to when they found out that Elliott Smith died...

my comment:
"LOVE LOVE LOVE it! this is great, paul- I mean, i love Omama, I would let him babysit my unborn children and let him take them to the rollerink and probably the bowling alley and everything, but this is a great counterbalance to all that irrational love love love!"


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