Monday, May 26, 2008

Post Titled: Gods and Earths
My flatmate and I were listening to a lot of Wu-Tang on Saturday morning what got us to talking about some of the constant thematic pop-ups, namely: Killer Bees. What and why killer bees? no context. Actually there are a lot of things about the Wu that make very little sense, but the conversation floated over to the topic of Erykah Badu -whose voice I love her voice, and she is -well- a bit odd:

anyhow, Matt went on to explain something about the Nation of Gods and Earths, the 5%

the 5% Network site

" * The 85%, easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction, who are the humble masses, mentally deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth about themselves and the world in which they live.
* The 10%, who understand much of the truth but use it to their advantage to keep the 85% under their control through religion, politics, entertainment, economics, and other methods.
* The 5%, who are the enlightened divine beings, having repossessed knowledge of the truth regarding the foundations of life and of oneself, and seek to punitively liberate the 85% through education.
cartoon included on the site, -makes very little sense...

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