Monday, May 26, 2008

Post Titled: 12/12/2012 pole shift
Thanks Manü
jeaaa, just to tickle your paranoid-apocalyptic sensibilities:
dec. 12, 2012 Mayan and I Ching prediction

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Anonymous z said...

one of few examples where the east did well... win over the west in the aftermath of unification. basically ost-sandmännchen und der "rechtsabbiegen-pfeil an verkehrskreuzungen" are the two things that come to my mind spontaneously, that made it really early on. and as you can see in both german and english wiki-entries, the sandmännchen of my childhood days seems already on its way to fall into oblivion. okay, maybe there’s been a lot more research on the dff-sandmännchen so far.

but then again, think about it: here we have the western sandmännchen dressed in blue jeans(!) and an orange-y flying vehicle modelled after a porsche sportscar (i wasn't aware of that, to me it looked like a funny little car that could fly) vs. the eastern dude, who looked a lot like the erster staatsratsvorsitzender using all sort of futuristic vehicles, hanging out with nva-grenztruppen – now that’s what i call systemwettstreit. (no g.i. joe in west-german kinderzimmer back in the days - maybe that's why today the bundeswehr's got an image problem).

growing up in west-germany in the 70s and 80s with no connection to the eastern part whatsoever (and in contrast to let's say kids growing up in berlin or zonenrandgebiet), i've never ever heard of "pittiplatsch" and "schnatterinchen" before, until ostalgie made dff-sandmännchen some sort of cult-item. interesting though that (according to en.wikipedia) rammstein choose a phrase of the western sandmännchen ("gebt fein acht/mitgebrrracht") in one of their songs... those clever bastards ;)

1:59 am  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

strangely enough I saw a poster yesterday for (was it rdd?) and there was a guy in a Sandmännchen costume with kids crowded around him- is the show still on television?

2:58 pm  

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