Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post Titled: Photoshop Gone Wild...
Dear Neue Bauer Natur Joghurt Werbung Geniuses,
No, really, why can't you just go to the mountains with a shiny bowl of fruit and take a foto? Is it really cheaper to pay a guy €75 an hour`to doctor the hell out of a foto than to pay a photographer adn his assistant to snap a foto in Bayern? After all is said and done, this doctored ad is pushing "Natur" but comes across as completely synthetic...
(I still need to take a foto of the Edeka billboard- which gets the worst photoshopping of the century award... must remember...) There just seems to be a lot of shameless, sloppy, photoshopping gone wild -especially in grocery stores- and no one cares... alas. *yawn*


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