Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post Titled: digital remains
MySpace message I received this morning form an old friend:
Its so nice to hear back from you as well! I am still here in Denver and love it. Unfortunately on May 31st my two best friends were driving to Ft. Collins Colorado at 10am. Ten hours before we were all at our house toasting to Chris's walk he was about to start the next day. He was walking from FT. Collins Colorado to Lisbon Maine. Check out to learn more about Chris or youtube "Ame and Chris" to see a slide show of them made by chris, click on the video with shoes under water. Some coked-up 20yr old crossed the highway when Ame was driving him up to Ft. Collin and hit them head on. Chris didn't make it and Ame is still in a coma. Nothing about Ame and her condition is shared with anyone because the 20yr old lawyered-up real good with his millions. We don't know whats gonna happen. Her chinchilla that I have been taking care of died this morning. Its just a crazy time but aside from it I am happier and more gratefull for what I have than I ever have been.
I am glad that things are well with Ms.Poland! Just enjoy her and life and be happy man. I need to check out your blog, if I don't comment on it soon remind me to check it out again. I am going camping later this week.

...once again it is so strange to see the digital trail left behind now...


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