Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PosT Titled: Obama in Berlin vor der Siegessäule juxtaposed with Merkel out and about...

I read some article yesterday in a German newspaper about how the Germans are embarrassed of fame or something- (must re-find that), then this morning with ma alarm set (once again) to Spree Radio -jabber-jabber- they said that there will be airport-like security at the Obama event tomorrow... which will be interesting since der Siegessäule (that monument the angel is standing on in Wings of Desire) is in the middle of a HUGE roundabout and surrounded by the Tiergarten- what are they going to do- seal off the entire area? anyhow, I thought about that- and was reminded of what happened a few weeks back:
(explained via chat from early this moring):
me: Germans... can't get it up for their own politicians, -but they lovvvvvvve ours? I don't get it.
meatyochre: like merkel?
viva deutschland!
über polis!
me: ja, for example: I was walking down Friedrichstr. last week after work and I bumped into my boss- who had left a few minutes before I did and was heading back towards me- and he said"oh, I just said hi to Angie, she was just leaving Gallerie Lafatette"
"huh? she was just shopping?"
"yea. just picking up some things apparently."
"no bodyguards?"
"they were probably nearby somewhere..."

just different...


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