Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Subitled: tHIS IS POST-GOOGLE post !;%== number
1,500 one-thousand-fine-hundred!

and my eye is all swollen from a tiny bit of nature coming into contact with my contact lens. HI. this began yesterday evening,
we had tickets to a preview show of the Dark Knight
and had to kiilll time, went to dinner in Hasckischer Markt with my cousin,

then- sometime in between trying to find a payphone that actually worked adn trying to find food my eyes started itching and swelling, this went on until (about midnight) during the intermission (why was there an intermission???) in the movie my eye was just freakishly bloodshot and swollen and I was just watching the movie in pain, but i fell in love with the Joker / Ledger, and in my state of pain and delusion I felt oddly and acutely "full-circle" with the swollen eye warping my featrues a bit and the greasy curly hair I#d forgotten to wash for 2 days running. When I was a freshman in college I got: "hey, you look like that guy - the one from 10 things I hate about you...that's his name?" a lot. HEATH! man.

oh oh oh, my cousin claire gave me a head's up regarding the new collaboration between Brian Eno and David Byrne,

NOTE: oh yea- byyy the way, I am also suffering from sever sleep deprivation...
I wish i remembered why. Perhaps Johannes can fill that in...
well, last night got stuck at Potsdamer Platz because the Dark Knight didn't
let-out until after 1am... but the bus was easy enough... but still didn't get o bed
tol after 3, woke up at 7:47 as usual.... uhmm... night before... where were we...? Oh
yea, Susanne's Opera afterparty, same thing kinda. damn, just need to stay-in. soon...
It really comes in waves: months of domesticated laziness, then months of late-late nights all in
a row


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