Thursday, March 05, 2009

finally something useful, useless, & not even real...
click the following image to examine more closely the finely photoshopped details of

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cylon babymomma and cylon babydaddy t-shirts!
an original post-google image Regarding Cylon BabyMamma and Cylon BabyDaddy t-shirts, here is a fake t-shirt ad I just made, if you are a huge dork of Battlestar Galactica then you might like it/them... (and if you recognize the stock photo, please don't sue me- these aren't really for sale unlessss you want to pay me for them in these "trying" economic times...
berlin tar art rat "post-google" tarartrat post google 2008cylon 6 six babymomma cylon baby momma mamma t-shirts cylon babydaddy tigh chief boomer sharon valeri


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Anonymous DLR said...

It is frakking tempting.

Only 3 more episodes left, evvaa. You should print some up in preparation for the inevitable post-BSG T-Shirt rush.

A PULPable post is stirring on BSG too. Perhaps after the show is over and I can assess the quality of its resolution...

10:55 pm  

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