Thursday, October 29, 2009

As we continue to renovate
I went with the girls to the hardware store
where we picked up a lot of free wood for the fire
but as we were on our way home they got sucked into
the make-up section of the local drug store...
for a really long time
which was really boring for me.
So I explored the fragrance setion:
There were all these 'scents'
-"a new fragrance from Kate moss",
kylie minogie,
naomi campbell
christina aguilera
and even avril lavigne...
and they all had one thing in common:
they were awful
I sprayed the testers onto various sections of the 5-foot-long
4x4 I was carrying,
so by the end it was like this huge smelly piece of lumber
additionally I learned that make-up is just
ridiculously expensive.

My dad sent me a link to an article this morning in the NY
"Germany Looks at Ways to Protect Online Journalism"

to which I replied:

"Journalism itself is rife with pseudo-cannibalitic practices, -we rip quotes rom other articles
or build stories out of sheer anonymous quotes.
Really, our main goal is get "clicks"- aka, to attrack traffic to the site.
Since the best way to make money via online journalism is through advertising,
I think the solution is to just have aggregators link more prominently to the original sources...

Having said that, I still don't think that can 'save' traditional journalism.
Like: no matter how many steroids you feed a horse, a car is still a faster, better means of transportation.
Still... that metaphor isn't quite right... mh. Maybe fire vs. electricity is better...
The metaphor I gave my former roomate- who writes for some pretty hefty publications-
was that traditional jornalism/madss media is basically this big tough overconfident animal,
which is now in denial about being severley wounded and pretty much being eaten alive by insects."


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