Monday, July 21, 2014

The Jim Henson Hour

Everything I can find on youtube for The Jim Henson Hour for a few brief months in 1989 it blew our third-grade minds with its strangeness and has therefore always stuck with me. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been removed from YouTube but I will add and ajust as I find them. According to Wikipedia: The Jim Henson Hour is a short-lived television series that aired on NBC in 1989. It was developed as a showcase for The Jim Henson Company's various puppet creations, including the popular Muppet characters. First episode: April 14, 1989 Final episode: July 30, 1989: Inner Tube: The Jim Henson Hour Test Pilot: Episode ONE: "OUTER SPACE" aka "Science Fiction" Episode TWO: "OCEANS" aka "Water" Episode THREE: Episode THREE: "POWER" The Storyteller - the Soldier and Death Episode FOUR: "DOG CITY" Episode FIVE: "FIRST SHOW" Episode SIX: "MONSTER MAKER" Episode SEVEN: "FITNESS" Episode EIGHT: "VIDROTAPE" Episode NINE: "GARBAGE" Episode TEN: "Secrets Of The Muppets" Many of these were found via the YouTube User Muppetational: A place for rare Muppet and Jim Henson videos, never in parts, always high quality. Here is also a Jim Henson YouTube playlist: and another Episodes of The Storyteller: "The Luck Child [03]" "A Story Short [04]" "Hans, My Hedgehog [05]" "The Three Ravens [06]" COMMERCIAL BREAKS are also fascinating - the pascing, angle and content... ALSO there is also Apparently The StoryTeller Greek Myths series which I was not previously aware of The Storyteller Greek Myths (1990) S01 EP01 (Greek Sub) S01E02
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bad guys shouldn't have the opportunity to be forgotten by Google

All the Google privacy stuff in Europe is all well and good 
BUT it is making me nervous- why?: 
Bad guys shouldn't have re opportunity
 to be forgotten by Google- 
And by bad guys I mean - for example - 
employers who exploit 
 their workers and/or flat-out don't pay them at all, crash the 
company and start again anew.... 
This happens, and people have the right to see what sorts of 
shady business practices their bosses might have been up to -
So I really hope the European population's nitpickey 
need for the illusion of privacy won't hide important information which NEEDS 
To see the light of day... We'll see.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

EXIT FESTIVAL 2014 thus far...

Last year EXIT festival was voted BEST MAJOR FESTIVAL in Europe which seems like some concocted, somewhat arbitrary designation except that after 2 days here now I can clearly see why HERE are a few of those reasons LOCATION is amazing although this years festival has not been spared Glastonbury?levels of rain and mud, it is located high on a hill above the Danube in an ancient fortress which is perhaps even larger than the one in Belgrade. The location alone is an extremely romantic element signaling a beak ' an EXIT from reality if you will' The daily pilgrimage from the campsite to the venue past the university, along the river and pas the rakija, jello-shot and glow stick- sellers to the entrance becomes a fun routine full of jokers and antics, an electric air of anticipation generates an automatic camaraderie - even with the police - as tens of thousands of alcohol-fueled visitors make their way to the gates. THURSDAY Highlights: Who knew that the "Best Major European Festival" would essentially close its first night with 4 Drum and Bass acts in a row. Well, they did, and it was amazing. absolutely did not want to miss the Disclosure set - which although it was a slow burn by the end the entire audience was completely entralled - the boys closed with "just one more song" which actually cnsisted of Chic's Le Freak followed by OUTKASTS' s Ms. Jackson - which ended a set which otherwise consisted of Disclosuere's own music and hypnotic cartoon visuals of animals, insects and tools in the style of their signature superimposed line-face drawing. Carl Craig vs. Green Velvet picked up where Disclosure left off and
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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Belgrade Zoo, Serbia

Basically showed up to Serbia to hellish heat and humidity and general Eastern E
uropean chaos and - being overwhelmed and sleep-deprived - I did te exact same thing i did on my first visit to nYC: went to the zoo! The main differences of course are that instead of being surrounded by the scary Bronx and being full of families the Belgrade zoo shares a hill with an ancient fortress and there is hardly anyone there AND you are so close to the animals that you can literally reach out and touch them - I kept feeling like I was wandering into parts I wasn't supposed to be in- but no, it was all cool - despite the odd glances from the keeper... Who seemed ok with me filming her feeding the Kangaroos (will ha be to upload that)
And the giraffe: 
And this amazing owl couple:
Meanwhile, here are some friends I made:


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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hundred Waters "HOVER" Mix on Mixcloud is just really effing nice.

HOVER by Hundred Waters by Oki-Ni on Mixcloud

hundred waters, mixcloud, band, music

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STAR WARS ausstellung Wolfsburg star wars exhibit germany wolfsburg

proof that there is serious wierdness still out there EVEN in the first world: I translated the site as well as some of the commentary from the video: "Space Expo, the Family Experience Science Fiction Exhibit with XXL Star Wars Figures and Space Ships Kids animation and Show (deposits?)einlagen Informative Space-themed Event" In the video he describes one of the disadvantages being that the Police and Order Regulation officers (Ordnungsamt) shut the show down because it was Good Friday and they weren't allowed to be opened because of the Easter Holiday. Website is pretty schnazzy prices have dropped to 10 euro (8 for kids;) - clearly a total bargain. star wars exhibit germany wolfsburg


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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Death Grips BROKE UP?!?

death grips broke up with this note on a napkin last night. which is - like... I am ... like... yea, like... what Darth said. happy to at least have caught their show at Berghain in Berlin, though... will always have that...


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