Monday, June 26, 2006

2:39 am. sitting here tired but the house is two hot to sleep- I can't understand the weather report for tomorrow: 92 degrees in Seattle and 97 in Bellevue- which is only just across Lake Washington, right, how can there be a 5 degree difference?!? Makes no sense. I don't have work atire for that kind of heat... hm.
Listening to Belly "King" which is dated and silly but I love it- perfect for an insomniatic Summer night, right?
Today was positively lovely. A few folks convinced me (and i in-turn convinced Manu) that it'd be a good idea to get naked and photo'd for Ms. Erice's art project/body of work (no pun intended) so that was the first order of the day- go to the Hideout, strip down and get photo'd wearing only a small piece of chalkboard with the size of my junk written on it. Very fun, actually- and Erice was so chill that is was a complete chillaxmosphere (think I just coined a term there) (dork) and we were guinea pigs for the drink concoctions of a lovely girl who hadn't bartended in awhile, (but I have no complaints- heck, I don't think I'd even ever had a Bloody Mary before, not bad a'tall) and it was by far the most fun Sunday morning I've had in a reeeeeealllly long time. Greg, the owner of the Hideout is really terribly nice, even after I outed my own flakiness after not replying to his last email (only because I STILL haven't photo'd much of my available work) cool of him to let the shoot go on there, indeed.
There is so much good work on the walls of the Hideout it kinda makes my head spin... I especially re-noticed "the Abduction" by... ok, I'll have to look into it. It's great, though.
After two bloody mary-s I was inspired to go get a mobile phone. How wierd, but now (13 hours later) I can feel how much easier it will make things. Never being home means I tooootally miss so many calls/chances to hang out with people, gosh. Hopefully life will be a tad easier... with the new communicator robot. (is what it is!)
Ok, this is ridiculous, I must go to bed.
Feel bad though, my phone battery died just as I was suggesting to c. how Kerry Harper had used the "visualize yourself desceing a staircase and count the stairs as it gets darker and you become calmer" method of hypnotizing me, which I think would work to help one to sleep. Oh, poor c. working so hard, sleeping hardly and whatnot... remember the word of the day, kids: "chillaxmosphere" ...indeed.
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