Saturday, June 24, 2006

well well well, thought i was coing to have to crank-out mass merch quickly for the CoCA thing tonight, but it turns out that they arent' doing it until the 8th of July for the closing- which made yesterday about 50-times easier! I even found time to fall asleep in the park with Manu and get 3rd-degree sunburns on half my body... ouch.
NOTE: not for the squeamish...
Anyhow, right before Manu arrived the other night I was running (biking, actually) around town like a crazy person thinking "Holy cow, gotta do this- gotta do that- holy cow" and then I happened upon a young couple looking down at an injured pigeon. The poor creature was huggled at the exit of a parking garage next to Benaroya hall and a show must've just gotten out becasue car after car of well-dressed retirees were nearly missing the little bird as they eited one by one. The pigeon was ll curled up and shuddering, I felt so bad for it- but there wsn't much we could do- every time we tried to move her out of the traffic she flopped away... finally a security guard called animal control and I went on my merry way feeling much less frantic but much more helpless. It reminded me of the time long ago when we came across a turtle who had been run over by a car. His shell was cracked wide open and hundred of ants were crawling in and out but the por creature was still alive... I found a rock and smashed his head, which soundsawful- but he was in extreme agony... this is the only time I had to do a mercy killing and those images will stck with me forever. The pigeon on the other hand seemed like he/she had a fighting chance... dunno.
I'll always remember what Manu said his french professor had said "Animals teach little children about death" ... which has a lot of truth in it...
Mundane details of life:
Anyhow, yes- on a lighter note, I went to the all-hight Kinko's where a very heavy-metal looking fellow was rocking out to who-knows-what and an army guy kept giving me seriously wierd looks. Got some work done finally for the Charlie Smith Music project and ran into a terrribly nice old military vet who pulled out a toiletry bag full of medication and tried to sell me sleeping pills.
Manu's flight was late so I had to try and stay awake until 3 wwhen he finally arrived. Woke up at 5:55 to finish some design work and watch football- but the sun was so bright I coudn't even see the screen in the living room.
Nervous about being late to the meeting with Charlie in Ballard, I went to Victrola at 7 where Max (my landlord) and his wife were seated inside, and Butterfly/Ish (from the Digable Planets) was loitering outside. I could barely see my laptop because of the glare, but put some finishing touches on things to show Charlie.
Hoped on the bike to downtown, where I ONCE AGAIN forgot that you can't put your bike on in the ride free zone- so I literally had to race the bus from Pike to Bell where I was finally able to climb aboard, panting. Halfway to Ballard Mark (co-worker's partner) and Nigel (their dog got on- which is completely random. When I got off the bus I bumped into Ingrid Alvarez- local painter, which made this town seem even smaller.
I've bever been to Ballard during the day only twice at night) it is pretty nice, chill. Had a half-hour to kill before meeting Charlie so I walked up and down Market St. getting Gejost (sp?) brown cheese a mayo in a tube from the Scandanavian Grocer and some fresh sunflowe bread from Great harvest. Went to Kinko's to try and print up the design stuff but my computer had frozen somewhere along the bus/bikeride. Fortunately I didn't lose anything ad Charlie was fairly pleased with the work- just gotta make some adjustments/improvements, ut we actually ended-up talking about Global Warming most of the time- (I once again reccommended T.C. Boyle's "A Friend of the Earth") and how he weather could very well just go nuts in the next 50 years. Haven't seen the Al Gore movie yet, but i guess I should...
Amazingly enough i found an article in Wired magazine where the president is quoted as saying (to paraphrase) "well, we COULD do what we need to do to help the environment, but it'll cost 5 million Amercan jobs- so we won't" to which Charlie's response was "the loss of 5 million jobs would be the least of your worries if the ocean levels rise and displace hundreds of millions of people." No kidding, that's why I superstitiously always live as high up in any given area as I can. Odd, I guess.
On that note- the weather has suddenly become very warm, and I recall reading elsewhere that lifelong sunbathers have said that the Sun definitely feels more harsh within the past few years- which made me wonder- I fell asleeep in the park (after a picnic of the groceries I'd bought and some spinach + glass of cold white wine) and got a friggin 3RD DEGREE BURN on every part of my body which i falied to suncreen on... which makes me kindof paranoid... is the sun really hitting us that much harder?...
Got a bunch of work done of the Capt. Underpants robots, and then went to Brandon's going away get-together at Mesob, the etheopian place on 14th and Jefferson- very nice except I felt nauseaous form sunstroke so had to go home after only a few hours. Now I'm here at work and it is a beauuutiful day out... apparently I'm being dragged to a Gay Rodeo after work. Haven't seen c. really since Manu arrived, kinda miss her...
My mom called me from Iceland on the Summer Solstace, said people were having a midnight fun run and playing gold becaus the sun doesn't even set, it just bobs up and down.
Can't fathom...
Odd coincidences:
1. not a day after c. burned Sufjan Stevens for me emma had bought it and it was sitting on the dresser in the living room.
2. c. and I have the same "I heart Kylie" buttons on our clothing. Completely bizarre coincidence... there are others but I have temporarily forgotten what they were...

Rode my bike home through the Pride Parade- which strangely I've never been around for- and saw that funny little man with long hair and beard (usually in a flower sirt picking up trash) buck naked wearing only a fanny-pack waving rainbow sashes in all his glory.
Now doing laundry wearing very loos clothing (on account of the sunburn) looking out over the rainforest and the gay couple down below barbecuing listening to Illinoise, this is Summer (like that Breeders song) without a doubt, got tingles all up and down... can't wait to see ceas later either.
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