Saturday, July 15, 2006

Admittedly I havne't been following the Israel-Hezbollah-Lebannon situation very closely, but when c. forwarded me a link this morning all I could respond with was

"are they KIDDING?!?:
""The air force is bombing roads and bridges on the border between Lebanon and Syria to prevent Hezbollah from taking our captured soldiers out of the country," an Israeli army spokeswoman said, quoted by the Agence France Presse news agency."
what kind of effed-up up logic is this??? my, my..."

I can't help but thinking: "is it so shocking because another country is acting like we have acted, impulsively, violently and irrationally to a situation..." I don't get it. I don't get any of it, so if someone wants to fill me in, please do...

oh, goodness... NEW REALIZATION: with all it's best marketing intentions, the right-hand off-the side hits from GMAIL (scanning my emails for relevant content) are as follows:

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WHICH READS LIKE A SICK JOKE of course... or in c.'s words:
"OH MY GOD! that's not right. so not right..."
indeed... oh, dear dear dear...

In lighter news, come to this!:

Cult of Youth #2 Preview Release party
@ HomeRoom (
TUESDAY July 18, 8pm

Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Featuring Music by:
-Cock & Swan
-R B Reed
-The Way it is

All Ages, $6

COY #2 features a two-color block printed cover by N. Adam Beadel, "Face
Its"; a 16pp color booklet of original works by Luke Ramsey, great writing
from thirteen authors, a lot of original art, all in a artist' book format
with a French surrealist treatment.
I am very happy to announce the preview release party for CultOfYouth #2 -
coming up VERY soon next week - Tuesday July 18.

I must admit that this is all coming up very fast--I've been gathering
material from my 20 contributors over the last six months and though the
release is a couple months behind, there is some amazing content in this
issue. This evening will be a great opportunity to get the first run of
Volume#2 (the 200 issues are being produced in two print runs). The issue
will fully premier at the Portland Zine Symposium in August 12-13, so this
is a great opportunity to get a copy before it hits stores and other cities.

**In some good news: Cult of Youth is now held in the Centre Pompidou
Library in Paris and also the Shakespeare & Co. lending library, also in
Paris. We are also available at the Zine Archive and Publishing Project in
Seattle and will be available in more libraries around the country.

Contributors to COY#2:

Aaron Huebner
Adam Beadel
Adam Fung
Anthony Simon
April Brimer
Bettina McKelvey
Bobby Wane
Craig Updegrove
Crystal Smith
Dave Lichtenberg
Dwight Jonsson
Dylan Snow
Jessica Langlois
Julia Gfrörer
Lindsey Gjording
Luke Ramsey
Marianne Goldin
Nicole Lucas
Patricia Profitt
Paul Thomas
Stefan Gruber
William Corr

***Cult of Youth Project, a 501c3 organization, is sponsored and
administered by Sedrat Arts,***
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