Saturday, July 08, 2006

nk coined a new term yesterday as we walked and shouted across the street to baranski who was also lamenting (or exciting) about Worldcupness)
very satisfying, say it again.
might need to go on a t-shirt.
speaking of harmless racism, wento see the Strangers With Candy movie FINALLY last night and was very satisfied.
By special request, I'm providing a brief description of the seating/seats chosen:
4th row, one seat left of center, (nk got center) not ideal, but close. 4th row center at the Varsity is ideal. I might just map out ideal seats and arrival times neccesary to obtain those best seats for every gosh-darn theatre in town. Obsessions and neuroses actually put to good use!
As for Strangers With Candy- very hard to explain to the german girl how the humor in this movie functions.
NK:"So, it is like Black Humor"
ME:"Uhm, no- well, it is really effed-up and racist contemporary american humor. But funny, like- "Pink Humor" if I had to attach a color to it (magenta pink, no other.) and... although I KNOW what black humor is supposed to mean all I can think of is Def Jam or Chris Rock... can't we call is "dark" humor" or "marabre"...?
I tried explaining the "Class, I'd like you to write a poem about Hiroshima...." and Jerri Blanc's attempt as selling the Home Ec. baby into white slavery, and why these things were funny, but it was quite difficult...
Speaking of accidental could-be racist situations I went to Sonic Boom and bought a cd, BUT while I was paying for it I just happened to ask the guy who worked there (who was african-american) if he knew when the new Q-Tip would finally be released."
"Uh, Q-Tip. It was supposed to be released in November and then it got pushed back... just wondering if there was a release date."
Now, this is actually the same damn question I ask every time I go to Sonic Boom (which is only about once every 2 months) but the fact that the guy was african-american and i was asking him a question about a hip-hop release made for a very, well, awkward Larry-David-type situation, especially since he didn't seen to know who Q-Tip was... and I was buying a Sufjan Stevens cd, which is the white-est thing ever ugh. Whatever. That album is never coming out and still I'm an ostrich head in the sand-ish here. grr.
So, yes. Another Summer movie bulls'eye'd off the fence, uhm, just Pirates and... that's it.
In real life, it is a beautiful Sunny Saturday morning, I'm drinkingthe dirst cup of coffee I've had in a month and trying to firure out where exactly one starts to pack for camping. Do I colect the dryer lint (lent?) to use for starting a fire, are fires allowed, do I need dishsoap or dishes even, do I wake nk, how am I going to watch/listen to the final game of the World Cup if I'm camping out in nature, scheisse... indeed, so yes, in less than 2 hours we are going with the delightful Jody and Jon to camp in ye olde wilderness (ok, already forgot the name- Kelalaek?) out on the Penninsula. I haven't been camp-camping (like, actual camping without any other motive (i.e. music fest) in a very long time... this is exciting. Actually the last time I camped outdoors in a tent that I can recall was when Cameron Jahn (neighbor) and I went to that bizarre cabin-chateau-house party out in Whidbey but that was at least 2 years ago. The day after was spent constructing huge Goldsworthy rip-offs out of sunbleached driftwood on the beach, I could to that for weeks or months on end. Soooo satisfying... like taking LEGOS back to the roots, just good.
Oh, crap- gotta do stuff before go. k.
Viva France!
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