Monday, June 26, 2006

completely hyper-esctatic today, pacifistically-violently happy, from what?!?- hardy a wink of sleep, hot apartment that prevents sleep? c. (yea!) life! it is so cheezy but I have 20 songs stuck in my head all at once on multi-overlapping rotation, namely "Life" by Lifesavas, that sweetheart Zombies song about taking the girl to the dance, DM's "- ok, forgot already- Royksopp's "What more is there"; daft punk: daftendirekt! Ravel- something #5,, Talking Heads "Damn that television! What a fine picture!" which was NOT the case this morning when I watched Italy vs. Australia (Fritz-Walter in the haus! K-town in the Haus!) and had to cover all the furniture possible int he room with dark blankets to reduce glare- but oh gosh!, how I swore at the telly with the overtime penalty kick italy scored (still gives me tingles, and i usually don't root for Italy) and if anybody knows what the story is about how that came about please fill me in- I stepped out to sew a buttin on my pants and the next thing I know it's all lined up for the end and the looks on the player's cafes will/was/is/ unforgettable just before and just after.
The World Cup is truly a beautiful thing. Other sports I couldn't give a hoot about, (except that one time when Ratesh had me all hyped-up over the Cricket finals, that was supercool- even if I couldn't quite understand the sport, but -yea, good stuff.)
I haven't though about the mess in Iraq so much, and have had a reason (besides c.) to wake early and breathe and yell all in good fun all before 10 am! (previously unheard-of, kind-of. Such a good good good energy floating in the air... and Manuel is here, which is fueling a really good goodness overall. *sign*
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