Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been carrying around an empty cup with me all morning, just realized that... no tea in it, no water in it... just carrying around an empty cup for 2 and a half hours...

Biking to work this morning, people were driving like MANIACS! No turn signals, rapid impulsive lane changes, and me wearing only gray and black... bad news.

Radio alarm set to NPR let me in on the madness in Gaza/Lebannon, what the heck is going on... simmer down, now, simmer down... (not likely)... no idea who to blame or sympathize with there anymore.

(5 hours later...)
I am usually a huge fan of wikipedia, but today I tried adding TAR ART RAT very simple, just some something would come up in a search and I was deleted TWICE by the Wiki-Nazi Admin. for "Vanity" wha tha heck, guys!>?! Ok, I still love Wikipedia, so I'm going to look the other way on this one... but all I effing wrote was

"TAR ART RAT Born June 6, 1980. Seattle-Based Artist most often working in pen and ink, also prone to acrylic painting and unsolicited, non-damaging temporary installations around the city of Seattle."

That's all- What's wrong with that?... jeez.
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