Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Waiting for the bus on 15th at the corner of where Volunteer Park and LakeView Cemetary meet and there was a big black crow perched on the barbed-wire cemetary fence.
On second glance I realized that the bird was being swarmed by bees- and it was actually dead... which means that either it died there or someone PUT it up there, and since it looked kind of jammed inbetween the wires, I'd guess the latter.
Who does that?
This also made me re-evaluate the idea of bees as "clean" bugs (or "cleaner" at least) I mean, just because of their close association with flowers, bees just seem cleaner. Ladybugs, too. Who hesitates to pick-up a ladybug? But do we go around pickung up and cooing at Cockroaches? Reminds me of a german kids picture book about ugly/creepy/scary animals my mom once gave me- all those bug-eyed nocturnal wierdoes...
my german is slowly but surely coming back, which is refreshing.
gotta study.

apparently the momentum I had to write this post has deflated, I'm going to pick up again later...

peas owt.

(hours later)

PAST NOTES from recent local adventures:

1. just a nagging little thing: we went to Gasworks (wierd, crowed, nauseatingly patriotic) for 4th of July and had just watched the Germany-Italy World Cup game earlier in the day. NK still had a little german flag-on-a-stick in her bag, which was, of course, searched on our way into the park.
"That's sharp, I don't know about that..." said the man searching her bag (reffering to the stick that the flag was attached to.) They almost didn't let her take it in. A tiny flag on a stick...

2.Sad Bastard Monday at the Viceroy, the guy on the porch would only give his name "Justin C." blurted out
"Even a Duck-Billed platypus on a fifth of Absynthe would make Phil Collins look like a chump!" reffering to the singer's drumming skillz, or lack thereof, followed by "God Bless Van Morrison"
I had no idea Phil Collins was a drummer, but I totally jotted down that priceless quote.

3. A punk-ish guy with small mohawk gets on the bus near by Victrola on 15th, when he gets off downtown I realize that the whole whole back of his shirt says "JESUS IS A CUNT" in huge font... it seems simultaneously (completely) stupid and somehow gutsy to wear a shirt like that, I guess- I mean can you ever even fathom walking around with that writen all over your back?... and WHAT is it supposed to mean? Jesus is a "bitchy woman" or refering to the possibility that God is a woman, or WHAT- totally ridiculous...

4th and final oddity: I get junk email all the time as does everyone, nothing unusual but- WHAT kind of ROBOT generates this type of junkmail:
happened to Shorty Lyndon. That worked. They didn't even ask what had
am I so tired, all at once? Gulls in heaven are never supposed to be
was in a hiding place, and the hiding place was guarded by mean men. . . .
rowboat. Perhaps there might even have been one made Outcast for speaking"

yep. WHAT is the purpose of auto-sending me that? Not even trying to sell ANYthing, just garbled nonsensical text vaguely remniscent of some Beat novel... I honestly do NOT get it... not one bit.
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