Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I haven't had such a hyper-productive insomniatic streak such as this in years. Basically the house is hot as heck (so I just lay sprawled out waiting for sleep which won't come) or I'm out late-late with whomever. but it is good. I kinda feel like I might be headed for a crash.

so sad to see Ghana lose this morning after they so so so kicked the USA's arse! (ok, it wsa only 1:0) but, as I mentioned to c. earlier, ayone who kicks the US's EGO's arse these days is fine by me (except, perhaps, the "insurgency", hm 'k-?)
Will Popko finally called me back last night, late-late and confessed his addiction to cribbage, which Issara and Jenny are also addicted to AND my family on my father's side... what is this game? hmm. Must learn, and/or join/avoid he cult of cribbages.

yes, last night was positively brilliant. I tortured Manuel down the the art studio with the Talking Heads (just kidding, he seemed to kinda like them, but it took me years to overcome their dorkiness and be able to jump around the studio "I'm PAINTING, I'M PAINNNNTINGG AGAIN! I'm Cleeeeeaning my BRAIN!") Meanwhile I finished painstakingly silkscreening c.'s promised "KATE MOSS IS GOOD" shirt, then he and I wandered aimlessly through the International District popping in here and there, hitting up this totally AMAZING nostalgic nest of Nintendo called Pink Godzilla and oogled the old school Zelda, Atari, mythical japanese Super NES (can't remember the name) I'd never seen before, etc. just befre having dinner upstairs at Maekawa- a place I've gone on and off for the past couple years, good stuff. Salmon andd Salmon Roe Donburi, Tempura veggies, edemame and a pitcher of Kirin Iciban, yao. hello-! life can be good.
Talking with Manuel over dinner is always great- we come to conclusions about the states of our lives, I can't explain- but it has always been helpful and delightful for both parties.
We bussed it to Viceroy in Belltown and kicked it on the patio, talking, talking until my sister showed up- "Your're so grown up!" manuel said as soon as he saw her, and I realized that- yes, she is...
An old unkept gray-haired/bearded man with a gituar strapped to his back and approached us for change, of which we had none, but he did some spoken word which was truly amazing. there was a clarity and deep human sincerity in his voice adn eyes as he spouted these rap-like verses about speeping leaves which always get blown right back and love... I need to keep an eye out for that guy. Damn my laziness for not freeing space on my audo recorder, alas- next time peraps...
We spend a good couple hours there chatting and goofing off before I finally got ahold of c. and convinced her to come down to Michael Vermillion's show at the Rendezvous nextdoor. It almost saddens me to see the Rendezvous renovated (back when it was pretty seedy, but great) I guess it doesn't matter...
Michael's set made me tear-up uncontrollably. Very few thigngs do. Consisently- Sigur Ros live, and ... what else? But "Last Night on Earth will kill us all" - ugh, the (I'm not going to bother) and the cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" makes me flush and tingle all over just thinking about it. His version easily equals Jeff Buckley's -easily- "it's church" as one guy said afterward...
and c. really. kills. me.
much later on the half-hour walk home listening to Psapp in my headphones, streets utterly deserted except for a few odd ones like myself in odd-ish situations (guess about them, make up stories). I reached the "HI" park lookout point above my house just as the sun was rising and "We are small... we are small people" was in my ears. Indeed, we are.
Said hi to manu, who was kind-of sleeping even though he had to wake-up at 5.
I got in bed and it was too warm to sleep, I lay there and pretty much began lucid-dreaming while still awake... creatures I cann't describe but might try to draw, littld old japanese men on roads which just keep getting longer...
color. detail. goodness.
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