Monday, July 17, 2006

(Disclaimer: this post is aimless.)

Monday morning: Floating around with small inconsequential details.

I have no socks on today, which is funny and strange and a little bit gross (because you realize exactly how important socks really are when your feet are trapped in black leather shoes getting all icky.) They (the socks) just weren't in the cards for today... one can only think of so many things... and I am very happy to have "all things go, all things go" running on repeat in my head.

They are incessantly jackhammering Ocidental Park outside, filling the streets with concrete dust and today is bright gray, like a Fall day.

c. took me to coffee in Wallingford at a place full of pregnancy an babies and laptops and a long line quite helpless people (looking much as we did) in pleasant human desparation: need of coffee and baked goods on a Monday morning. The name of the cafe was something like "Kofta" or "Kofi", which carried over in a strange way when I arrived to work to take more artwork ot of frames in the dungeon I turned on the radio to hear Kofi Annan sounding slightly tired/meek/weak and desparate in the face of whatever is happening or not happening in Lebannon. (Which is a lot, and as far as we can tell: bad.)

It seems easier to float around and think about little things than to dive into news online and worry worry worry all over again. Although, this time the worry has a very indirect and removed feel to it. "We" don't seem to be involved at all just yet.. which seems strange. "We are watchin an abstract horrorshow from afar...

Don't you just love it when the president gets caught swearing:
"President Bush himself talked about the role of Syria - in an unguarded moment at the G8 summit - when he spoke to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair without knowing that microphones were live. He said: "What they [referring probably to the UN] need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over."" (from BBC)

But isn't that just some funny logic?... "stop doing this shit" so seempingly simple, right?


Meanwhile, time is passing is the slowest way- in the short term it seems to fly by but taking a more removed look back, weeks months seem impossibly long and drawn-out.

I haven't been drawing so much, tried the other night but became too distracted. Lines, forms, but lack of drive to produce something of interest. We were in the middle of preparing dinner, so that might've been a factor... Unlike whatever scribble I made at the Hideout the other night on one of the clipboards, someone had writted "WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SHIT" (paraphrase) but with no reference other than that. Very dark there, I just began scribbling little animals adn guys with large wavy hair, then commenting and ammending all comments in speach bubbles adn trying to make sense out of the collaborative nonsense already on the page. Collabotarion with people you don't know... there was a girl (Japanese?) who was trying to talk to me, then the familiar-looking flatchestedmama girl sat down, (which is wierd because I've only seen her with the green face goo, so it took me a second to place her...) "I've got one of your cupcakes" I said, while still trying to dash some inderest in ink onto the paper, chicken scratch- drawing drawing, and I've never really known what to DO with that concrete cupcake... dust it ocassionally, it is currently sitting atop teh head of a dokumon (or whatever that brown boxy japanese character is called with the button eyes and big teeth.) Ok, jitters jitters, this whole paragraph is just me drinking way too much coffe/tea, trying to decide what to make of the day, trying to avoid more news, more bad news, trying to be productive with the fewest things at hand- namely, this internet. Time in 5-10 minute intervals inbetween work stuff.

Went to the zoo with my family yesterday and was completely overwhelmed with the confusion of it all. It seems like each of the animals had a more-ideal-than-you'd-expect amount of room to wanter/graze, but they all seemed so bored. Nothing to hunt or no reason to roam.

It is strange when animals (who would otherwise know exactly what their purpose is) are dragged into a world of people, who usually do not have the foggiest clue about what their purpose(s) are/should be and then we drag them along with us through life's silliness, for example:
It is a Sunday, families don't know what to do, so they go to the Zoo. Kids scream, food is insanely overpriced and we have all of nature's wonders there convieniently behind glass... confused, orangutan triddling his lip and making piles of straw on the ground. "Wild dogs" (not "heyenas"?) roam circles in packs. Monkies sleep on trampoline-like hang-outs up in the fake trees.

My turtle, who tried to run away a million times when we brought her camping (even though I'm not really sure if she could even survive in the "wild" seemed to find a purpose in being in what seemed like her natural habitat, even if she had never been so far outdoors before... she jumped right in the river and floted downstream. The water was ice-cold, I kind of worried about her body temparture putting her entire system into shock, but she seemd to be not only fine- but happy. On an average day at home she sleeps, basks in the light of a 40W bulb, or gets lost in the house somwhere, wheather it is under the unusued VCR behing the tv or in the no-man's-land under the sink with years' worth of dust and forgotten ziplock bags.

I suppose I have to start thinking seriously about the content of whatever "artwork" I'm going to produce in the coming months, and these types of themes always seems constantly interesting and relevant to me...
wonder if they're worth pursuing.
(And) this is always the question I come back to:
"what is important?"
and one wonders if his/her concern's are really the culture's concerns, if they are really people's concerns...
or if these "concerns" are just isolated and irrelevant little blips...
little attention-getters. little nags.
What do pets and animals have to do with making things. ugh, ok, his all may be deleted in a few minutes if I realize that I'm just trying to ... work out ideas... in a silly way, just by putting them down... to ignore later.

P.S. in more insignifigant pop banter, the fact that "Clerks II" currently has a 100% Fresh rating on is, well, disturbing. right?
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