Sunday, October 15, 2006

Post titled: Ramsteiners drinking together again.


I took a hiatus (sp? I've never actually written that word) from ye olde blog last week, so to re-trace my steps:

I spent my last night in the D.C. Area visiting with old friends Nicole, Chris and Demetri. This was a pleasant surprise because in the past everyone had been way too busy to meet, so I guess I just expected that it wouldn't happen...

Nicole picked me up at the metro in downtown Alexandria (I think) then we went to Old Town Alexandria to a pretty good little spot (reminescent of all the Irish pubs we spent time in growing up- minus the flatscreen baseball, of course) called Murphy's.

STrANGELY ENOUGH IT WAS trivia night in the pub (ironic given our somewhat competitive pasts when it came to certain academics-) ,and we thought we were doing really well- hell, I even remembered Kyle McGlaughlin's name, but no NO we ended up not making the top 4 (or 10!) shoot, blow to the ego there...
I was ecstatic to see everyone, just to be surrounded by people whom I knew and who knew me- I mean fundamentally knew where I came from and basically who I was. The last several months in Seattle (or years?!? With the exception of Elise's Wedding, Manuel and Vernon's visits and then Jamie and Nicole's Wedding) I was always around people who I'd only recently met, which made for a lot of explaining- which I usually never bother to do anymore just beacuSe it it too annoying.

(case-in-point: "Dude, I thought you were German-?" Issara thought I WAS German the entire time I lived there until I mentioned the paperwork I was doing to move here. "No, I'm American, I just was there for Jr. High and High School, then on and off throughout college, basically. My parents worked for the government"... tryexplaining that 1,000 times, I gave up awhile ago).

My point is that it is good to be around old friends sometimes, especially DoDDS kids to recharge and get a perspective on your own life. Also strange how everyone has stayed pretty much themselves: Chris is still high-end gadget obsessed, messy but messy with nice stuff (hard drives adn neckties) strewn all over the place, boy-ish, intelligent and interesting and constantly doing things that literally make you say "what the fuck, Chris-?" (Like how we sat around watching LAST YEAR'S ROSE BOWL recorded digitally from on-demand while we talked later at his place- who does that?!? I mean, we all basically acknowledged that it was absurd, but that's Chris and we love him for it.

Demetri is doing well, I was a bit worried that I'd find a shell of a man after a BIG break up but he seems just fine, despite a newfound cynicism- which gives him a pleasant edge. I've always appreicated how his mood switched constantly between near adolescent playful aggresssion and sleepy-grumpy boy, but then he'll turn around and pontificate about the craziest sh*t, like that new webdesign format for companies- what was it?.., shoot, I don't even know.

Nicole seems very well also. I email with her more often than the other two so it was less of a "howthehellhaveyoubeen???" experience with her, but it is great to see her happy with Olin, and she's hardly changed a bit- still the charming, chain-smoking, good-looking girl she always was. I hope things work out with the two of them, he seems like a really good guy... and by the end of the night we'd had a half-dozen pints and I think he commissioned me to do a painting, but I'll have to double-check. Nicole is actually one of my first patrons, she's got a set of Sharks in her bathroom (from the cartoon Hammerhead sseries) and some others from long, long ago- she tells me the titles and I draw a complete blank. Odd how one can completely forget ever having made something... how is that possible? But find it to be much like how the details of a book fade over time and then you can flip through later saying ìOh, yeaaaa- duh, I remember that.î The same works for me and sketchbooks. Strangely enough I threw away most of my sketchbooks before the move, I just didn't value them anymore...

Olin and Nicole headed out, and Demetri and I proceeded over to Chris' in Vienna for, yes: last year's Rose Bowl! (which was weird because apparently Matthew McCaunahey is Texas' Mascot-, yea. I didn't know that., and Will Ferrel was doing the spots for USC... what a strange match... in reality...

My camera was out of batteries that night and I can no longer send any fotos from my phone so IT'D BE GREAT IF ONE OF YOU COULD EMAIL ME SOME IMAGES, yo. Good to see you, kids.
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