Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: "Emissions don't make Europe happy" from the BBC
Uhm... ok. Odd little "DUH" article about overall happiness in relation to carbon emissions... but as nadine put it "If the Germans have nothing to complain about then they are very unhappy. They need to complain."
Like, if you took a poll by going around saying :
"Are you happy"
Most people would probably be like "Uhh, no." then give a thousand reasons...Because we always want more and always want what we can't have. Oh, wait, or is that more geared towards the Americans>?.. can't remember anymore...
My mom always said "Be happy with what you have." Good philosophy... then again I never learned how to properly use money because we just didn't buy much thus foregoing the personal economic experience.
Anyhow, there must be a balance- a "satisfaction" to be found between recognising what you have, appreciating it, being thankful - YET moving forward to also obtain those things you want out of life... ouioui, is the sun getting to me???

Oh, and back to that article:
" "Countries like Iceland... demonstrate that living within our environmental means doesn't mean sacrificing human wellbeing," said Nic Marks, founder of Nef's Centre for Wellbeing."
Iceland has a population of just BARELY over 300,000 people (jackass!), even though the whole country drives SUVs (out of necessity) HOW BIG OF A GODDAMN CARBON FOOTPRINT CAN THEY EVEN POSSIBLY LEAVE??? I mean, jesus, 300,000 people is the size of most people's neighborhoods.

as well as this quote:

Scandinavians, Icelanders and the Swiss are the happiest people in Europe, while the unhappiest seven are all former Soviet-bloc states."

Ja, NOOO SHIIIIT -living in a socialized and/or wealthy blonde-haired blue-eyed Utopia might make me happy too whereas living is a debased and chaotic post-communist zone of shock and confusion might make me UNhappy. Ugh.

Soorry about the ranting. I am trapped in front of a computer on a lovely Summer day.


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Blogger Ithaca said...

My mother was brought up with Shirley Temple as a role model, and so describes herself as having a sunny disposition. My take on my mother is that living with her is like living in the vicinity of a "dormant" volcano, people who say they are happy make me veeeeeeeery nervous.

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