Monday, July 16, 2007

Post Titled: "Whole Foods CEO Throws Ethic out the Window"

From Jon Harmon's FORCE FOR GOOD blog: "Whole Foods' CEO Throws Ethics Out Window, Where is the Media and Blog Outrage?" it is kind of a funny story that does raise some serious ethical issues when it comes to bashing people (or competitors) in blogs... anonymously. Which raises the question: "Is my blog anonymous?" well, no, I am an entity and there are photos of me... but I do tend to hide a bit and someone would have to work pretty hard to find out who I actually am... hmm.
So I suppose I shouldn't post that "Axel Springer sucks balls" bumper-sticker I designed. Schade...

On that note perhaps there is simply a generational humor gap... this is always hovering in the back of my mind, like how my grandparents generation could NEVER really "get" the Onion or Strangers With Candy- and how there is even a pretty slim chance that my parents would embrace this dark cynical absurd humor - and where does it come from? O.D.-ing on Political Correctness in the 1990's? That would be my guess. THink about "Knocked Up" for example, big popular surprise hit at the box offices, completely crude, yet clever in its crudeness. Hmm... ok, mull it over.. Flight of the Conchords. hmm. wierd American humor -err, kiwi humor.


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