Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Post Titled: Problems.
Unlike a pet, when a computer dies you can't just go bury it at the base of some
beautiful old oak tree or even flush it down the toilet.
I just think "heavy metals!" adn all our dead computers shipped to China to be piled up
into a tech junk mountain boiled down for some fingernail clipping extract of a precious
metal. question is:
Is it better to bury your dead computer in your own backyard than to send it off
and have it go poison the ground/water in China?

On another note, life without computer is quite good. I take the time to flip through
junkmail, then graduate to full on reading and writing with a beer or glass of juice
for hours while listening to the BBC radio.
The only problem is that BBC radio is cyclical.

"Ban Ki-Moon said" dot dot dot
It is amazing to me that that guy is UN Secretary General, he just seems too weak.
Butros Butros and Kofi Annan I could respect, but - for example- BBC reports Ki-Moon's
outrage at the bombings in ALgeria, then a sound-bite comes in where he politely and
quietly says "This... is unacceptable." and that is outrage from the UN. Not ewxactly the
most effective figurehead. Lame. Or, literally, the perception of lame-ness, of power-essness
(jesus, I could keep this up and just go write phamplets for US Politicians/Government)


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