Friday, January 04, 2008

Post Titled: DORKfluence.
skip this sentance: rolledout of bed doused in jetlag at 8:33, must be dressed and at work at 9. somehow, I made it on-time. Still jetlagged, it is 6:01 am and i have been wide awake since 3. Ugh.

Along the way the Berliner Fenster TV flashed a report that Bill Gates was leaving the business side of Microsoft proper to persue his philanthropist goals.
Which set the tone for the day, just because in a haze of trying to think I kept revisiting the idea that the ever-unfolding human future on and beyoind earth is, in fact, somehow shaped or given direction to science fiction and its readers. That sci-fi inflated and drives the dreams and technologies we come to enjoy in daily life, and now- also- what we call these technologies...
Let me put it this way: based on stereotypes and realities - it is often the dorks of the world who read sci-fi (I#m not saying that is an absolute, but it is practically a basic truth) and perhaps sci-fi even defines their dorkiness, or is the icing on the dork-cake or whatever, but THEN
as I am currently reading A Hitchiker's Guide to the GAlaxy- I discover that the Babel Fish (a little fish which human and humanoid life forms can put into their ear canal to instantly interpret any audible (and/or telepathic?) language across the univers is ALSO the name of the AltaVista program I use every day at work! Hmmm, mighty strange coicidence there... on top of that, the new Google mobile phone software is called "Android" and there was another shining example which I have just forgotten.
It is all quite awesome, isn't it?
I am just surprised that we don't refer to mobile phones (or now bluetooth stuff) as "communicators"


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