Saturday, January 05, 2008

Post Titled: For today's Special, see Twits to the right.
OBAMA-WAN (click name for larger version)

I'm just going to keep posting this image 'til he wins, -which he will.

POST UPDATE (March 12, 2008): a note to you (yes, YOU, you random reader of this post -wherever you may be hunched in front of a screen just like I am) So, in recent weeks this particular post is getting a lot of traffic.
1.Can you leave a comment about HOW you came across the image, I am now dying of curiosity.
2.To be fair if you appropriate the image for something that's totally cool, but it would be even cooler and you would be an awesome genius if you could include a link to the blog itself: "POST-GOOGLE" by TAR ART RAT or you could check out my drawings and be brutally critical: TAR ART RAT (sorry, have to milk it a little bit, -I don't get paid for this sh*t) -thanks!


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Blogger TenFootMan said...

so couture (i believe that is the spelling) i guess makes you feel special. i'm a sucker for these things and probably not refined enough to know the difference. but my bougie ways are hard to get rid of . much props for the video post - and obama fever is everywhere. here is a topic to consider. it has been mentioned by a friend of mine and in the nytimes that black people are concerned that obama will be shot if his success continues. there are also many comparisons to him and JFK (primarily in terms of inspiration and age).

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