Sunday, January 06, 2008

Post Titled: Iron Man
Post Subtitled: Allow me to Dork out for a second here
Holy SHIT, Robert Downey, Jr. is IRON MAN???

Ok, so I haven’t been sleeping much and meanwhile this is botheing me. I know this is an old sort of tired argument is some circles, but still: some superheroes are not even technically superheroes.

Why ist this important (even in the least??) Because these characters are our mythology, they are part of the way we try to understand ourelves, our lives, our purposes and wants as humans- just like literature, drama, religion etc. also seek to do.

„The HULK really just = the fear of the bomb...“ FRANCISCO GUERRERO, a professor of mine once said, which I thought was a great way to put it.

In watching the IRON MAN preview, however, I was one again reminded of some of the things we overlook:
IRON MAN is a scientist with a suit or metal and technology, which gives him superhuman capabilites, BUT he himself is not „super“ so to say.
BATMAN is a rich man with gadgets and a sleeping disorder, not „super“ either.
SUPERMAN is actually „super“ in human terms, bu he is not technically a „man“, he is an alien from the planet Krypton, therefore he could just as esily be called „AverageAlien“ since all Kryptonites have similar „super“ powers when they come to earth... because of the „difference in gravity“? Whatever, that argument was never clear to me, nor was how his mother was abl to sew an indestructable suit OR how sometimes that suit gets damaged and repaired... whatever, I still like Superman.

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