Monday, December 24, 2007

Post Titled: the United States of the United States
Jesi said that California is the United States of the United States
I only have a vaaaague idea of what that means exactly, but I love it nevertheless... then again, my brain is so overwhelmed it is a wonder I can still (even) read or write simple sentances.
Since being here in Los Angeles, NK and I have hopped all over town, now finally settling in for Christmas in Brentwood. Kids, animals, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, it is great- and warm enough outside to wear a t-shirt at all times and require sunglasses just ot be able to see.
To get out of the house I go on a lot of shopping excursions down on San Vincente, taking a dog or two on a walk to the huge magazine stand next to Whole Foods, or late night trips to Longs Drugs (ahhh, the beauty of the American Drugstore! Where else can I get dental floss, sotch tape, nail fungus killer, a rainbow assortment of finepoint Sharpies, The Neverending Story AND Goonies on DVD all at one place? The American 24 hour drugstore is definitely a perfect unintended little bi-product of capitalism.
On top of that we were standing behind Peter Gallagher ("Dr. Eyebrows" as I like to call him) in the checkout line, which was wierd because NK and I just watched Sex, Lies, and Videotape for the first time at Vern's two days ago. Regardless of the eyebrows, be is kindof a badass actor when you step back to think of all the things he's been in.
Every visit We always drive by the spot where Nicole Brown wsa killed, it is two blocks away... and hit up the Getty.

I finally found a bookstore this morning and bought a copy of that newest (2005) translation of Don Quixote which I have always wanted to read. Honestly, stepping into a large English-language bookstore after being in Berlin for so long kind of makes my head spin. I have the urge to run to the people who work there and say "tell me what to read, I am dumbfounded! I have forgotten the names of those authors I intended to come here and seek out! Help!" I could've done that at the independent bookshop today, those girls were goos- but Borders, forget it.

-Ok, back to the family tornado.

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Blogger paul said...

yay! my friends lars and nathan (whom i believe you have met, he was in berlin for a spell..) and i are going to be reading this as a book club book. perhaps we should start a blog about that separately, or something.. dunno. email communication is also possible, but as none of us to my knowledge have actually begun the book, perhaps we should all begin together? start on jan 1st? hope you're enjoying l.a... we miss y'all...

4:21 am  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

I read Don Quixote about 5 years ago- but an old translation, nevertheless it is hilarious adn one of my favorite books, so Iäm "stoked" to read a new version.
when shall we start?

10:29 pm  

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