Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Titled: Baby Pug

Went to the pet store to buy some crickets, and saw a baby pug (above. no, really, above.) We all drooled over him for at least a half hour. So: Thanks to Elaine's Pet Depot on Wilshire for not telling me to stop filming, and being very cool...
After shopping on Montana- which must be the singularly most feminine street in the world- (no joke, after an hour of walking up and down the shop-lined street the only thing I was able to find of any interest was a baby book called "Counting with Wayne Thiebaud" - a brilliant book, I enter the store- err actually a baby boutique called "babystyle"- rather. A bit weirded-out. It is cutesy, posh-ish, the computers are down- the sales people are freaking out with phones stuck to their ears, & old ladies with LV purses are clucking their useless credit cards on the counter in silent fury,
I ask: "Ahhm, do you have the "Counting with Wayne Thiebaud" book?"
Sales lady: "Ahm... the...?"
Me: ""Counting with Wayne Thiebaud" book?"
Sales lady: "Ahm... the...?... accounting?"
Me: ""Counting with Wayne Thiebaud" it is in the front window."
Sales lady: "Ohhhh, all our books are here..." (gesturing to a wall behind the cash register counter. We go back and look together as she repeatedly asks what the title is... "AHm Counting with Wayne Thiebaud" I repeat... "Thiebaud... Thiebaud..." finally we find it and the computers are still down. I offer cash.
Sales lady: "Well, if you can pay with exact change."
A bit odd.
the book is $6.95, I only have a $10.
The woman at the other register recommends that her associate use a calculator to calculate the sales tax and change due. "Oh, duh, right calculator... novel idea..." she seems to think, and a few minutes later the transaction is completed, computer-free, meanwhile cardholders are still just standing, items already bagged, just fuming behind their Gucci sunglasses.

This is the second time that daffy high-end store workers have been foiled by downed computers since I've been here... it is a kind-of super-duper absurd Achilles heel.

The Girls (NK and my sister) are still shopping,I walk, walk, wander, find some juice, pass a movie shoot, guy giving autographs but I don't recongize him- unlike the awkwardness at Blockbuster Video the other night when the store was empty for about 15 minutes save for us and Adam Sandler as we all tried to find something worth watching. But it was hard to concentrate and find an effing video worth watching when Adam Sandler is right next to you also looking for an effing video worth watching. I started thinking about watching him as Opera Man as a kid with my dad on SNL and then thinking "Punch-Drunk love is great...." then thinking about his life, his career, his potential thoughts and feelings and how wierd it must be not to be able to just go to the video store in peace bcause a few minutes later a kid ran up and asked for an autograph. I thought about how is to hear his loud voice in real life; -not recorded.
Anyhow, we actually left Blockbuster empty-handed and just got Lauren's copy of KNOCKED UP out of the garage.

Saw Juno in the theatre. Really great film.


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