Monday, July 24, 2006

Refreshing that Lance didn't win the Tour de France for once. I imagine a crazy backstabbing situation in which one of his little minions creates the tinitest tiniest leak in his tire with an acupuncture needle and then takes the lead in the final 3 km,... course, I'll have to look into it...
87 defrees (30.555555555555557 C) IN THE HOUSE TODAY and there wasn't much I could do. Played a pitiful game of tennis with Rob Mintz. I have no serve!
Foot might as well be amputated.
I iced it all hours at home.
Passed out drinking Bryan's saki-lemonade concoctions
while watching Before Sunrise/Pirates of the Carribean...
basically it was laziest day in years.
Studied german vocab, read more of "Baise Moi" and "neon"
in german, theres a lot of slang, which is a problem because it isn't in the dictionary...
which makes it difficult...

listened to Radio Eins and talked to vern-dawg... that's all.
I'm happy. Incredibly. Just have to avoid becoming a fat hermit.
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Blogger niamhblue said...

lance didn't win the tour de france this year because he didn't ride in it. ;-) he retired.

9:09 pm  

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