Friday, July 21, 2006

Revived and transferred blog posts from Myspace entries: August 2005

"Human Rights Commission...
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(To paraphrase) the radio just said "the United Nation intends to prevent those countries with outstanding and ongoing human rights violations from joining a new UN Commission on Human Rights...",... I played that over adn over again in my head...

And thank you to all the Kate Mosses who have responded cooperatively adn sorry about the one un-Kate that is really wierd and bitter and angry in the UK, k?

RETRACTION: the un-kate whose name really is actually Kate Moss is nice.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kate Moss Project initiated in a hurricane fit of dulldom
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My eyes popped open before the sun even came up this mornign,so as i went about the morning routine of making tea and listening to the lame-ass commercially interrupted classical station 98.1 (you eletist bourgeoise (sp?) Pacific Nothwest swine! Sorry, it's early...anyhow) I sent the following message to 26 different Kate Mosses:

"Mrs. or Mr. Moss,
Congrats! You have been selected for the T.A.R. Foundation project "Kate Mosses of the World, Unite and Take over." At this special moment in history it is fascinating to us that one person's identity can be claimed fairly undeniably and equally by dozens of people whether they are, are not, or also happen to be named a certain famous person's name. It is an interesting sort of identity crisis. To help put this into perspective, the Foundation is seeking to become Myspace "friends" with all the people who are named or claim to be Kate Moss- and this means obviously that you qualify, so please respond asap to take your rightful place amongst the other Kate Mosses. You dont' even really have to "unite" and you definitely don't have to "take" anything "over"- all you have to do is approve the friend request- after that we probably won't ever contact you again, we just want all the Kates on the same page. Also, if you know of any other Kate Mosses please feel free to contact them and ask them to join as well. This might even be "art" in the year 2005, but probably not... Does it matter?

Thanks for considering us,
Paul Thomas
Tar Art Rat Foundation,
Seattle, USA"

I know it is kind----of dumb, but I'm curious to see what will happen, will there be fights? Or nothing? hmm, I need to think of someting better, I suppose, but we shall see...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Kate Mosses of the world, unite and take-over...
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So since the authenticity of anyone's identity (particularly celebrities in this wierd world known as the internet) is very questionable, I'm going to attempt to do the only resonable thing: befrieind all the Kate Mosses. At first count there were, well, gosh- at least 20... we'll see what happens...

Ooo, craaap, now I feel bad for criticizing the Hurricane and it's victims since it is about to rip through, not Florida, but New Orleans in about 5 minutes, egit! Natural disasters are,... well, they're really something, aren't they? And why bother naming them people's names? Why Humanize the beast- isn't it easier to call it "B2%7Q"? If a weather guy sez "B2%7Q is about to rip New Orleans to shreds!" I'd be like: "F**K B2%7Q!" buuuut since it's Katherine, I'd be more inclined to think "Katherine,... that sneaky bitch, oh well, I'm sure she has SOME redeeming qualities."

They don't name earthquakes, that's for sure... maybe that's because earthquakes effect a particular area adn don't wander around, therefore it is much easier to refer to them by location... hmm...

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Moog is actually pronounced "Moeg"- who knoew?

So, as Science Friday so thouroughly informed me just now the instrument known as Moog is really pronounced "Moeg" (like "moe-gh") and the guy who invented it just died... that is kind of sad.
I'm starting to lose sympathy for people who live in Florida, it seems absurd to be battered by dozens of storms/hurricanes every year... if someone can explain this, please, feel free.
Or the South, it is hot- right? and the East coast, it has its extremes... damn...
or on volcanic islands, or in, well, anywhere near the San Andreas, ... people are nuts.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Death by Automobile vs. "VOTE OR DIE"
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Let's talk about Death, baby.

I am shocked and appalled that out of the hundreds of bicyclists I saw in NYC only 3 of them were wearing helmets. C'mon, guys we need MORE bikers, not LESS! And if you are whipping around rabid monster-ass traffic like that then it is just a matter of time before you DIE! DIE DIE DDIIIIIE! Speaking of "Die" I saw a guy working the Go-Karts in Coney Island wearing a "VOTE OR DIE!" t-shirt, wow- I wanted to buy it right off his back (unfortunately he was many times-over larger than me) but WHAT whaaaaaat does that mean, or DID, what DID that mean? ...please, if anyone can answer that, or if anyone can ask Mr. Diddy, please please do... Meanwhile Diddy's face is everywhere in posters for the Music Awards, adn I was reminded of seeing an interview with him during the election- he was in front of the camera for a whole phat minute and couldn't help coming across as an idiot who had no idea what he was talking about- no, actually, he didn't seem to be responding t the questions they were asking - to paraphrase:

Reporter: "Mr. Diddy, what do you think about the statistics that say that your "Vote or Die" campaign has had no signifigant impact on yourth voter turnout when compared to years past?"

Diddy: "Well, we all got together and we got the message out and the youth presence witht eh election has ben more than ever, we've done what we set out to accomplish adn got young people to vote- VOTE OR DIE!"

Reporter: "Actually, Mr. Diddy, statistics show that there really weren't any MORE young people voting this election that any other past election, the expected turnout just didn't, well, show up."

Diddy: "Well, we all got together and we got the message out and the youth presence witht eh election has ben more than ever, we've done what we set out to accomplish adn got young people to vote- VOTE OR DIE!"

Yep...couldn't respond/answer simple questions... so how is he going to be in front of the camera for HOURS hosting an awards show... hmm, any why do we live in a society where this guy owns a $150 Million Yacht? conundrum, eh? Riddle me that, biatch. If I could find a TV I'd definitely tune-in.

...maybe he was just nervous...

...poor, poor Diddy...

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Is there any difference between iceland and bjoerk?
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My family moved to iceland last week- the three of them there and I can't comprehend that really... It'll be at least until christmas until I can afford or have time off enough to visit, but I am so curious... you know, you say "Iceland" these days and all anyone says is "Bjoerk" but at least they don't say "Oh, like in Siberia?" or "Are there Innuit there?" So at least Bjoerk put in on the map for better or worse... by the way, a few good Ielandic movies I've seen lately: the Sea, Devil's Island, and Noi. Then there is Sigur Ros and, uh, the last McSweeney's,... but all of this probably isn't enough to change or separate Bjoerks face from the image which appears in people's mind when you say "Ice--land" ...

speaking of ice, I was reading the accounts of the Greek plane crash yesterday and was floored. My lord. The loss of cabin pressure. The pilots passing out and turning blue, and everyone almost freezing to death just before they crashed... that sounds so absolutely awful... so so so awful. A third of the passengers were kids, ... ugh, jeez. How can it be that cold in the atmosphere, I don't get it. How does a plane spring a leak like that? Well, I suppose that anything human beings put together is bound to spring a leak eventually...

I don't have even the slightest of flying, even after reading this account or hearing the audio archives of the firefichters in the WTC which were released the other day... it's always just been something I've done since before I can remember. My father flew planes for the first few years of my life, - so i feel kind of attached to them... they are like BFGs to fact, I am getting on one in a few hours to visit John Mumm in NYC... (first time) should be good...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Insurgency Graffitti
Current mood: worried

hm, maybe I'll be wrong about this somewhere down the road, but I was watching one of Seattle's finest Graffitti removal professionals use his super toxic green chemicals to melt some artwork off a brick wall in Pioneer Square, and this guy does this all day every working day. And the graffitti art comes back, and he does it again. Another less hi-tech group goes around painting over the stuff, a "brick color" which looks worse than when they started...

I couldn't help but think of the metaphor for the "War Against Extremist Scary Action Against Western Whitey" (or whatever they're calling the Artist formerly known as the War on Terror these days)

SO: Someone does something that you don't like, so you come with your equipment and determination and ideas of how things should be (or look)and try to fix it, someone undoes what you've done, you try to fix it... how does it go? It's a dumb cycle, the painting-over of graffitti, but at least is isn't costing lives. Would the art become in-balance with society if allowed to grow and take its natural course?

The useless and redundant graffiti creation and removal cycle just struck me (sadly) as being such a good metaphor for our efforts in Iraq and Afganistan, and our whole metality towards the hari-kari crazy actions of our so-called terrorist enemies...

just a thought.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

modern jackass revisited
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Things are ok. it is another sunny day in Seattle and the Blue Angles (acrobatic show jets) are up in the sky still stroking their military big-budget boners, but they're pretty...

saturday after buying a little radio and a sega genesis for $3 at a richie yardsale (mostly full of used Resoration Hardwarde-looking stuff and baby paraphanelia... sorry, they were rude) we went to a lookout point at the North end of 15th and witnessed a perfect example of what Ira Glass described in This American Life as "Modern Jackass" a few weeks ago...

Scene: a middle aged man is strumming a gituar, maybe playing Van Morrison or Cat Stevens on the top of a hill overlooking forest, Lake Washington (?), UW Husky stadium, boats zipping about and this supposed airshow. Another hyper little stocky dorky 30-something guy walks up and begins asking the gituar player questions:

"Hey, do you know if the Blue Angels have gone by yet?"

"Uh, well, no - I haven't seen 'em"

"Have you heard them"


"How long have you been here?"

"Uhm, 20 minutes?" (still strumming intermittendly)(sp?)

"Oh, and you haven't seen ay go by? How fast do they go?"

"Uhm, no- but, pretty fast"

" I can't remember if it is faster thand the speed of sound or not..."

"Yea, me neither.."

"But if it were faster than the speed of sound then there'd be a sonic boom and we would've felt that."

"Yea, I guess so"

"Isn't that illegal to do- the sonic boom- over populated areas?"

"Gosh, man, I don't know"

"You have to fly over rural areas or over the ocean, right? Do you know when the show is supposed to start? Can we see if fromhere even or are we too far North?"

"Gosh, man, I just don't know" the gituar player's shoulders slumped in a body-language surrender effort. My jaw was slowly dropping at this point.

"Well, alright man-" said the dorky hyper guy "thanks for your help." and he said it sincerely, too.


modern jackass: two people (or in this case one TRYING to pry out information that simply doesn not exist) attempting adn not giving up the attempt to discuss a specific topic (like an air show and all the details that surround it) when neither know anything- or at least not much- about the topic.

great... at least I got a sega genesis.for $2. no games, though. this is the beauty of the yardsale now- all those unattainable things from childhood can be purchased for less that $5... even if you never use them, there is a sense of completion... wait, maybe this is messed- up. stuff, stuff stuff. I'll have to think about it, anybody wanna shoot me some input? it is welcome.

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Wolf in fake friend's clothing: Manu, I've been had!
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Ok, Manu, since you are the only person who will read this I bet I have to get this off my chest: I have been decieved! If you'll notice there is a guy in my so-called "friends" list who's name is alex (garcia), he was the first person to want to be "friends" with me and I mistook him to be Adam Garcia (who we used to hang out with sort of back-in-the-day) and I let him into my bubble of trust and the next thing you know he's some kind of undercover hipster real estate agent! He's posts stuff about condos and apts. all day long while mixing it in with commentary about Broken Flowers... ugh. shady. It is remniscent of the time that we let that guy from South Park (neighborhood in S.seattle, not a cartoon, however that wouldn've been more bearable) come over and then he stayed for weeks... with that wierdo girl... remember? Well, nevermind. Anyhow, I'll be looking extra hard at names and pictures. It's like kidnapping infomercials during Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's, "don't trust strangers even if they say they're just a friend of your mom/dad's who are supposed to pick you up because your mom/dad had an emergency..." then the ... kids get snatched... hm.

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Bigfoot and Bin Laden
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I woke up in the middle of the night and had a image in my mind of Bin Laden (or however they're spelling it these days) and Bigfoot hanging out in the mountains.

"They're never gonna find us." Bin says,

"Ugrf." Bigfoot says with an affirmative grunt.

Thoughts/dreams like this must certainly be the result of the subconscious mind trying to make sense of all the random-ass crap info and imagery thrown at it through all those waking hours. I can just imagine my mind's relief at the opportunity to introduce Bin and Big.

"Bin, Big. Big, Bin."

Two guys on the run. People spending years and $ on searching, never quite giving up until there is conclusive evidence that the hunt is over...
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