Friday, July 21, 2006

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Reykjavik, etc.

everything I just wrote was somehow deleted or timed-out or something... Paul Theraux was right, you really can't trust these bastard computers... whew... I need a minute to chill out on this...
As I was saying, Reykjavik... is off the hook. it is like a supersize Ramstein village (for those of you who can visualize that reference)ï?? but with that particular lively energy inï?? he air, people are out interacting andï?? either well- or interestingly dressed everywhereï?? you look. ANd the night just goes on and on.ï?? I was often mistook for an icelander which was great because I was able to meet quite a few people that way- they'd just come up to me and start chattering away, at whihc point of course I'd have to admit to only speaking English or German but there wasn't much of the cold-shoulder feel I have experienced as an American in Germany or France (and espcially Spain for me but that might've been a language barrier-thing). We went out two consecutive nights in Reykjavik- staying out later than I ever have in recent memory (8:30 am- nuts) but the darkness just keeps going and people are swirling in their socializations and singing, drinking, dancing to no end.ï?? It is refresing to see people out having fun- instad of having your drink yanked out of your hand at 1:45 in Seattle, this is the exact opposite...
New Years was sheer madness. We parked near the water and met up with some F-15 from the other night who had a hotel in downtown. They'd been in iceland a few weeks on some mission form Japan so at least they knew their way around and were pretty cool whereas we were pretty clueless, so it kind-of worked. This little kid of one of the guys could do a bunch of magic tricks, which wsa impressive becaus we was only in 2nd grade- which is about the same time I recieved a magic trick set for my birthday and it sat under my bed for 10 years untouched... that stuff gives me headaches. (As I am writing this right now I am all comfused and disoriented from undealt-with jetlag and f'ed-up Seattle rainyness, so it may be a bit oddd... err...%
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