Wednesday, July 26, 2006

5 hours ago was thinking "gosh, with all this middle east chaos there sure hasn't been any room in the news for bird flu..."
and them, magically, I check BBC before going to bed- and there it is! BIRD FLU! -oh how I've missed you...
(just trying to put a positive spin on this here, eh? K>?)

Saturday night oddly enough I ended up ridig my bike all over town for hours:
A. Going to my sisters, which I've been doing quite oten. it is comfy there, I can play with her hampster, watch Jeapordy adn drink beer all pretty much stresslessly.
B. Going to the WRONG party (there were apparently two outside garden parties on the same block- who knew?
C. Going to meet Josh and Ben on the opn-roof of the 10th floor of one of the parcking garages down in Pioneer Square, which was fascinating. Their friend incessantly taunted the boys and grils down below (Pioneer Sq. nightlife crowd, ick.) but I got exhausted and rode home once again... just can't take enough showers in this heat, can ya?
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