Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's subject:
"Art and Commerce has been acutely annoying the sh*t out of me for the past twelve hours. (Or days)"

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Part of this post is full of angry rantings/is sprinkled with venom, etc.

I was really enjoying figting the swarms of dry leaves flying through the door this morning at work. Actually enjoying the simple frustration of sweeping them away and having them blow right back.

Not reading news online for a few precious minutes. Or thinking about/seeing artwork for a few seconds. Just leaves.

As I was sweeping and once again thinking about the goddman Vitawater stickers, I was reminded of the thought I had a few years back but often choose to ignore (this thought itself i kindof hate due to its absolute coldness, its outlook- which is pessimistic and cynical but sometimes seems so true) that: here and now AN ARTIST'S HIGHEST ASPIRATION COULD BE TO BECOME A BRAND NAME. (Insert example of big seller still living today here: ______), for example.

I would, of course, agree to the tiresome fact that it is wrong that the american (and western) economic machines churn, crush and thrive while most of the rest of the world barely subsists, but at a closer look (within these machines) the bloody effed-up luxury of art still has a creepy and steady foothold. (Here's where my brain boils, so I apologize in advance.) ARBITRARY ueber-overpriced BS. Intolerable, basically, tiny but blatant crimes against humanity, no?

Let us take the Damien Hirst recently brought to my attention by ceas: the effing "Love in Blue" or whatever on sale for $500.000 bones. I searched for the materials online (of course not including the sandy dirt) one would need to make the painting and, surprise!:

DYI Damien Hirst "Love is Blue" Ingredients:

$45.95 plus shipping

Household Gloss Paint:
Any gloss level:
$32 to $36 Pratt & Lambert Accolade,;
$22 to $26;Benjamin Moore Regal,
$13 to $19 Tru-Test E-Z Kare, .

Sandy Dirt:
Free? (Unable to find pricing info)

72 x 72 in. canvas:
approx. $100-150.00

total max. cost:

... why don't people just do art themselves? I mean- I know that seems like a horrific idea, but isn't your own work (or the work of someone you know) better than some pre-framed print from ikea/Walmart/the frame shop- or some big famous artist... I guess it is one of those huge idea-humps society will/may never get over... one of many.
The best once could probably do would be to make bumper stickers (as if the world needed another bumper sticker)...
"High Art is ridiculously Overpriced anyhow, so: Do Art Yourself" why effing not?

Oops, but THEN artists would have to surgically remove their egos andd gallery folks would have to trade in their personalities and critics would have to find something else to wear besides their bullet-proof effing Nazi uniforms (jussst kiddinnng). But overall: Opps. Not too practical.

In the coming years (I don't know how many: 6 or 60 or 600?) but in the coming years it has obvously been predicted that the world will undergo drastic change, and, -like Al Gore going on-and-on about the "climate crisis" perhaps it is time the art world brace itself to undergo a massive (and perhaps ultimately unrecognizable) transformation- I dunnno, just an idea *wink*...

actually, this may not be a concern at all- come to think of it. "Art" ay make the shift organically, or be necessity. hm.

Really. Really really. "Artists" COULD get over it, galleries MIGHT get over it, museums,... I don't even know what to say about them, but I don't blame museums for much of anything except perhaps... making the occasional bad choice(s) here and there. AART needs to NOT be a business... at all probably... just like everything else,. . or at least "less business oriented. " peraps.

Auhhm. Erhm. *wince* Clearly not in a good mood... which is unusual. Could it be that there was no caffine to be found anywhere in the cupboards, super-set in a quiet "hate-mode"... no fun. chillll.... chill.

I've had only one impulse for the past few days: stay in my room, listen to Radio Eins aus Berlin, read german magazines with a dictionary and lined notebook spread out on the desk,- a trio of: read-comprehend-copy, ten repeat... memerize... and to draw with ink... and then be dissapointed in my drawings. Dissapointed in the ideas, (or lack thereof) in the drawings. Trying, and not trying, and trying and not trying to think about what is relevant...
What is relevant: my girl, my turtle, my friends, and some inseresting sh*t to read and images to look at and some caffine adn alcohol here ant there...
what does ANY of that have to do with "art."
Art is just a big ugly Beast.
Art seems like the big "UH-Life"
but it should be pure. right. ok, this is going nowhere.
(today, at least)...
"C'mon c'mon c'mon - get through it."
Blur song just started in iTunes.
"Are you finding everything OK?" someone's voice drifts over from nextdoor.
"Are you finding everything OK?"
What the ^*%(*& is that supposed to mean>?...

"Did you find everything ok today?..."
"Hi, how are you?"
"Whatcha up to"

a brief history in the life of a day of complete insincerity...
effing white people, man. What planet are we from?

One Hour Later:

I had almost suceeded in calming down until I read this:

"Israel targeting Hezbollah infrastructure
DWEIR, Lebanon -- Israel is targeting not only Hezbollah's fighters but also the social network that earned it wide popularity among Lebanon's Shiites: an ORPHANAGE run by the group has been hit and a seminary that provided help to families leveled...."

and once again Israel seems really effing evil... just like us/U.S.

can't help but wonder: is that why we support/cheer each other, so we can get away with more evil effed-up sh*t?

on a mo5e removed note: I can feel the shrinking away and lashing-out coming on, I tend to try to (unintentionally) burn most bridges behind me to make for a cleaner break several months before leaving a place- I did this every time we ever moved, except with Germany. Hmm, gotta be careful. Simmer down.

To top iit all off, a first:
Wells fargo back truck drives by WITH a HUGE flatscreen television implanted into the side of it playing a commercial over adn over... with speakers blaring a commercial out into the street.
First impulse: throw a brick,
(didn't have a brick ss resulted to
Second impulse: photo it, (but the light turned green and it made its merry way down the street... )
two speakers and a huge screen blaring their ad through the front door of my work certainly trumps the VitaWater guerilla marketing campaign. Shoot. Now what? Hi-powered BB guns? what...? sh*t's annoying.

The work day ends with two epiphanies:
1. youtube is the best thing for my attention span,
2. steven colbert is the best thing to bitch-slap you out of a bad mood.
Google Book Search


Blogger niamhblue said...

reasons why people buy art from artists as opposed to creating it themselves:

-they are paying for someone else to be creative so they don't have to

-they are paying for someone else's artistic talent. some people can draw, paint, sculpt, etc with better results than other people can

-they are paying for other people to tell them what they like so they don't have to think for themselves or have their own opinion

7:31 pm  

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