Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Regarding VitaWater's guerilla-esque marketing campign in the 'hood.

All over Pioneer Square for the past several weeks there have been 8.5 x 11 inch stickers on the light posts for Vitamin Water. I find this to be an oddly disturbing trend, especially since it appears to be an actual advertising campaign which hijacks public visualspace. The most particularly odd thing about it is that these stickers aren't being removed- at least not like other such stickers or tags might, and I guess that is my real pet peev. BECAUSE they are full color glossy stickers (very offical looking) people haven't torn them down. Something about the formats causes an subconscious resistance- or, rather, the stickers, because they are professional-looking ads trick your mind into thinking "that belongs there." But they DON'T! Every time i do a sticker campaign (note the reek bit of jealus resentment here)ablut half the stickers only stay up for a matter of days- and are removed by whomever (local business owners? City employees?) BUT THEN HERE'S VITAWATER with a complete BOGART of the prime stickering space and it is SANCTIONED BY OUR STUPID DRONE-BRAINS which don't question the ubiquitous PLACEMENT OF ADVERTISEMENTS as we stroll down the street. I strongly encourage everyone who finds these stickers to remove them- or better yet, if you have $ to blow for fun print up your own glossy faux-ad stickers and put them over-top of the Vitawater stickers and see how long they remain up. Hm. Genau- the Adbusters-reader in me just had to rant about this.
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