Thursday, December 20, 2007

Post Titled: Brought the rain.

We are in California now, and it has been gray and rainy, which is nuts- I have never seen LA under such conditions. Ominous. Usually the weird chaos of the city is dispelled by the constant feelgood sun, but now, with the showers and wildoverall clouds it comes across as being a much more confused and sinister place.

Not really sure what to write about even, it is fun and confusion here, a clash of cultures in the mind all over again- except this time I was not in culture shock for three days (like on the last trip) no, this was a welcome break and recharge re-entry into the USA, I just wanted to wallow in americana- whatever that is. During the storm we did stay in and watch television, which was crap, except the Ellen DeGeneres show was quite entertaining... but all else was pure poop.


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Blogger jesika said...

ellen is amazing. you know what's strange? ALL of my good friends from berlin are now in the united states. such a big country. wish i could see all of you.

paul and i are in chicago and heading to wisconsin for christmas. our friend betsy helped me verbalize that california is the "united states of the united states." how's that for sinister? it's weird to feel at ease in the midwest! hee!

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