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the Internet and...

went to a big posh work event last night in the ballroom of one of the nicest hotels in town,
ridiculously surreal, especially since one second you are hunched over a computer crunching out
the content of the presentations, literally writing the words which will come out of people's
mouths all evening, still dressed in the jeans you have been wearing on and off for the past 3
weeks without washing
So, ja, this event is what we had been at work
until 2 and 3 AM all week putting together, not really making the connection between our
work and a real outcome, so I was pretty overwhelmed. Some of that perhaps had to do with my
complete and utter exhaustion.

A few things of note: there were 5-6 hundred people from all over the EU, dozens of accents
to process, dozens of aesthetics. That was interestic. If I may set aside my better judgement
for a second I would like to mention how otherworldly the Eastern European women can be.

in moments of extreme exhaustion I kept having misfirings in my brain, misunderstandsins, complete confusion, completely cut-off connection between understanding and reality, I think- such as:
Snowing like a Banshee
when it wasn't even cold, thoughts and words just sort of popped up out of nowhere.
towards the end of a particularly long day a co-worker said:
"I smell like a pub. No- no, I smell like a fast-food castle."

I go into Babel Fish to translate "Durchsetzungskraft" and the translation comes up as
"Penetration strength"
Oh, German.

U2, U1, U8
At midnight, when I got ont the U-bahn at Potsdamer Platz to head home, it was a strange ride. There I
am dressed very sharply (a rare occasion) an in come two guys in their late teens who sit across from me
and avery dirty homeless guy with a half-shaved half-dreadlocked head, beer in a sore-covered hand
and a fairly pleasant mood about him, sat next to me.
The teenager across from me said:
"Hey, can you rap?"
"Huh?.. Uhh.. mmm" ponders the beer drinking gentleman.
"Rap, you can rap- come on, freestyle-!" (the kid begins beatboxing)
Right away the homeless guy starts mumblingthis flow of descriptions which fits really well with the
beats, this goes on for about a minute as everyone nearby is just sort watching at this amazing and
bizarre performances- there is even applause at the end.

THe beatboser, who has crazy designs shaved into his head, is maybe of Turkish or middle-eastern decent,
He hops off the train, saying goodbye to his friend who is of even darker complection, with a wild
Rufiohawk, quite popular in Kreuzberg. I think I just coined that term, btw. (y'know- Rufio from hook?)).
When the train gets going again the homeless guy asks him
"Are you from Turkey?"
"No, india."
(long pause)
Homeless guy: "Is is true that youc an reach the truth through that zen stuff and whatnot?"
Kid: "Well. Yoga, ja. It is possible to come to an innder truth and peace-"
"Ah, ...ja." (kind of trying to stop the conversation with the bum at this point)
Homeless guy: "You know, that is real, that stuff, the feelings and the universe and the signals!
It is real!I was wanted by the police in Poland awhile back" (at this point everyone is kind of listening)
"and I had the feeling - the signal- that I
should definitely NOT leave the apertment, but the dog was howling and howling and then shitting inside
so I thouhgt- OK, I have to take the dog out- against my feeling, against the signal that said
'no, stay' but I took him out ant then- boom! Right there around the corner, the Police!!! So those
signals are real. (garble-mumble) maybe we don't trust them or pay attention to them anymore because
the internet and everything..." (makes helples gesture with hands)
My stop, Kotbusser Tor, I exit the train and the station smirking kind of euphorically with his
last words on repeat in my head "mit die internet und alles...die internet und alles...die internet und alles...

the problem with not having a computer at home anymore is that when I think of something I want to write here then I just have to scribble down a note on a piece of paper, and hope I remember to include it-
but I can see that turning into mass fragmentation here in ye olde blog.

Email to my father:

Subject: the internet and everyone

hey, before you leave the island can you get one of these and bring it
to LA?:

"John Chris Jones' The Internet and Everyone can be bought for £10 +p&p
by writing to tracey AT myshop DOT me DOT uk. i+e can also be ordered
through JCJ's website, which has a selection of reviews of this
pioneering book."


"Heigh -- this past Tuesday I flew Space A from Mildenhall to Dover, Delaware then on to Travis AFB, CA. I arrived in California Tuesday evening and I'm hoping to catch a ride to McChord tomorrow.


so, hmm. someday I might get a copy of the internet adn everyone. thought it might be a good read whilst I am computer-less.- being computerless is kind of wonderful, though, it soprt of tears out the backbone of your daily routine, like one of those special moves in Mortal Kombat


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