Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Blogger Mithirdates said...

Unorthodox. I kind of like the idea, the more I think about it. Depp seems like the obvious choice. I wonder how Nolan's going to avoid falling into the same trap as the more recent Batman movies, which had absolutely no (psycho)drama and a lot of glitz. The Nolan pictures feed off the ideas that Batman is dangerously close to the villains he fights, is himself in some ways a villain (Batman's Bush-Cheney tactic of wire tapping everybody). I wonder how they'll do it with Catwoman and the Riddler. I hope they both are dressed like they just rolled out of a shelter for homeless psychopaths, like Ledger's limping scarred-up greaseface, instead of a dressing room of a Broadway show.

4:53 pm  
Anonymous zero said...

"will be the absolute opposite of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry's purring creations"

- yeah, it'll be a catwoman without any facial expression whatsoever. i'm sure cher will gladly give away another rib for that one. :P

8:46 pm  
Blogger Daniel F. Le Ray said...

Oh Gott no. I trust Mr Nolan could pull off a good idea for an over-the-hill popstar Catwoman, and Johnny Depp is always scenery-chewing good...

But both of them still have me worried, given their tendency to be rather cheesy. Still, I vote Barack for the Riddler and McCain for the Penguin.

11:23 pm  

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