Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post Titled: Sunday Morning Youtube Survey

I deleted the content of this post because it was just dumb


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Friday, August 29, 2008

Post Titled: PSAPP

psapp have a new album coming out called the Camel's Back
. outside in the hinterhof someone randomly started playing mozart really loud on a Friday night, it is echoing up and down the upright tunnel that is (technically) our back yard


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Pos tTItled:
NOTE: I din't correct ANY of the spelling in the post.
Oh. Oh boy. Friday I now have someting to look forward to:
Tiger ist jetzt Freitag Morgens mit Radio MultiKulti
seriously, I set my radio alarm to multikulti now and then next thing I know there is
ol' Tigger (side-note, Tigger is a guy from Kreuzberg, a sort of youtube star how sort
of waxes philosophic in his own random Türkish-Germish way, he is hilarious, actually.

Ghost in the Earbuds
All day I can hear quiet typing coming through my earphones on my laptop at work... but
it isn't my typing, it sounds like it is being recorded adn transmitted through a very
flat-sounding, real sounding constant as if the source were in the tiny spaces-
the micro-canyons- beside and beaneath the kexs themselves... it is no random streaming
audio or identifiable website or program emitting these sounds... I have no idea... it
is a bit like that time when I embedded in the blog and then got weird real-life noises for weeks thereafter...


Anyhow, tuning in-to KEXP to make it through Friday, they played the song that J.Go/Zora
were youtubing one saturday morning last month, kind forgot about it, but kinda
love this shit: Lyyke Li "Little Bit"


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when I first found out that Heath Ledger would be playing the Joker I posted this image (official poster), but now looking at it again it is actually a far cry from his final aesthetic appearance in the The Dark Knight- just a thought...


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Post Titled: "Bloomberg mistakenly publishes obituary for Apple CEO Steve Jobs"
from the SF Chronicle.

good morning, Friday.

tis was inmy iGoogle quotes of the day: "I don't own a cell phone or a pager. I just hang around everyone I know, all the time. If someone wants to get a hold of me, they just say 'Mitch,' and I say 'what?' and turn my head slightly.
- Mitch Hedberg"

effing brill.


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post Titled: Blogger festgenommen: FBI Arrests blogger for posting unreleased Guns n' Roses songs from the forthcoming album Chinese Democracy
I noticed it today in the German AP, pretty hardcore...
"Die US-Bundespolizei FBI hat einen Blogger festgenommen, der im Juni neun Lieder des noch unveröffentlichten Guns-n'-Roses-Albums «Chinese Democracy» auf seiner Webseite eingestellt haben soll."


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# Contact info submission

address1: -
city: -Berlin
state: -
country: Germany
site_description: beamed out of Berlin, Post-Google is a collection of tiny text-based echoes disguised as a TAR ART RAT (art) project disguised as a web-log disguised as an art project and/or somewhat tangible art end-product. Nothing more. I also post at ELECTROPEASANT
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post Titled: Efterklang from Copenhagen

these guys
are just great, and they play Sept 2nd at Lido by Schlessiches Tor in Berlin...

they seem to be a pretty even blend of Björk's "Medulla", the Polyphonic Spree, MúM, and some Sigur Rós...


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Portrait tent with paddles Paul and Ania Aug. 2008

camping. mecklenberg vorpommern

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Paul Bike down

Paul Bike down, originally uploaded by TAR-ART-RAT.

city bikes don't work so well in the county

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Monday, August 25, 2008

(above image from the basement of Karmanoia bar club theatre venue in Kreuzberg. sometimes mis-spelled as carmanoia)above: report about a storm on Polish tv...
Post Titled: forgotaboutdre

weather is shite, work is busy, and when I have freetime
I#m scouring the internet for season 4 of battlestar, so-
might be slow to post in these days. lethargic.
gosh...fracking depressed, even.
(all the more reason for me NOT to post
since it'll just be self-indulgent mopey bummerness)


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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Hell hole map by Russ Fong. Hell hole is a cave system just outside the gates of UC Santa Cruz.


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Titled: Holy Screenplay Conundrum, Batman!
(ok, so I realize how absolutely cheese-ridden that post title is. -whaddesle you gonna do?)

Can barely focus at work today because Batman was so damn cool, but now- I'm wondering: Christian Bale (of Newsies fame) is signed for a third... but WHO THE HECK is gonna be the villain? Johannes and i were positively wracking our brains until 3am trying to figure out:

A. Who could possibly top Heath Ledger's Joker,
B. Who (of the villains) is left AND feasible-
C. If they might to the Knightfall "Breaking of the Bat" storyline with Bane (ok, I was the only one wondering that.

other things left hanging:
did this role kill Mr. Ledger? I am tempted to say yes, or at least it lead him down the path to his accidental death... I think Jack Nicholson implied as much as well. Then- there is that interview during/after filming where he definitely seems a bit off...
what i up with the YouTube video I saw of Heath Ledger as Joker escaping Arkham Asylum,... was that some fake fan video?... or just a figment of my imagination...?

... not able to unravel this via WIKIPEDIA yet...

but how cute are baby sea turtles???
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Post Subitled: tHIS IS POST-GOOGLE post !;%== number
1,500 one-thousand-fine-hundred!

and my eye is all swollen from a tiny bit of nature coming into contact with my contact lens. HI. this began yesterday evening,
we had tickets to a preview show of the Dark Knight
and had to kiilll time, went to dinner in Hasckischer Markt with my cousin,

then- sometime in between trying to find a payphone that actually worked adn trying to find food my eyes started itching and swelling, this went on until (about midnight) during the intermission (why was there an intermission???) in the movie my eye was just freakishly bloodshot and swollen and I was just watching the movie in pain, but i fell in love with the Joker / Ledger, and in my state of pain and delusion I felt oddly and acutely "full-circle" with the swollen eye warping my featrues a bit and the greasy curly hair I#d forgotten to wash for 2 days running. When I was a freshman in college I got: "hey, you look like that guy - the one from 10 things I hate about you...that's his name?" a lot. HEATH! man.

oh oh oh, my cousin claire gave me a head's up regarding the new collaboration between Brian Eno and David Byrne,

NOTE: oh yea- byyy the way, I am also suffering from sever sleep deprivation...
I wish i remembered why. Perhaps Johannes can fill that in...
well, last night got stuck at Potsdamer Platz because the Dark Knight didn't
let-out until after 1am... but the bus was easy enough... but still didn't get o bed
tol after 3, woke up at 7:47 as usual.... uhmm... night before... where were we...? Oh
yea, Susanne's Opera afterparty, same thing kinda. damn, just need to stay-in. soon...
It really comes in waves: months of domesticated laziness, then months of late-late nights all in
a row


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Post Titled: Photoshop'd
(thanks Ms. Pilarska!)

Dove Evolution

Slob Evolution (Dove Evolution parody)


The Beauty of Photoshop


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Post Titled: An Eye For Annai

An Eye For Annai Jon Klassen + Dan Rodrigues


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Titled: "effing villagers, man."
my former colleague, a brit himself, would often shake his head when encountering examples of the sort of provincial mentality of the citizens of europe sometimes (unwittingly) display, saying the above post title... which reminded me of the following:
(summary of article I came across today):
"The guy from the government (Randolph Krüger, SPD Party) went on a journey to the States. His colleague, Annette Widmann-Mauz, is in a wheelchair and asked for a 'nigger' to help/push her around. Also, he criticized the Consulate in San Fran. He said the wouldn't know how to deal with men of his status, they only know how to get drunk tourists out of prison.... The General Consulate send a letter to Germany - complaining... the SPIEGEL read it..."

Well, he's certainly no Schultze.

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MacroMonday 08/18/08, originally uploaded by Yogma.

this is almost my favorite kind of photography...

ok, so
1. I spelled Homer Simpson wrong above, I am aware of that but i don't know how to fix it since the foto is posted directly from flickr.
2. Thanks to crazy Matt Groening (to this day we are not allowed to watch the Simpson's at my family's home. This was because the first season was violent and scary - (angry/drunk? Homer choking Bart all the time, if you'll remember) as opposed to today's dopey docile Homer.
3. I won a toy Bartman at a birthday party in 4th grade and I always loved the aesthetics of it. Yellow skin, eggplant-colored cowl and cape, literally: a plastic cartoon sculpture, no sharp angles to be had anywhere, goofy, friendly. and he even had the opportunity to hang out with the real Batman action figure...


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Post Titled: other posters.
for the past year or so at least I have fallen into the habit of reding other blogs regularly- just want to post and list them quickly (I assigned font colors randomly, no meanings attached, ;p):
on a daily basis I read

JOHO THE BLOG On a bi-WEEKLY basis I read
JuJubeetleB &
with the exception of JOHO and Monkey Disaster- who are just people I think are interesting- the rest are friends or acquaintances (of some sort- ok, so admittedly I have never met Mithridates) whose lives I care about and am genuinely curious about... hm. Every month or so I do choose a random blog to follow for awhile just as a sort of science experiment... but then I tend lose interest...
just got turned ontoTodd Zuniga's 1UP podcast, too. I know nothing about sports and even less about sports video games, but somehow his podcast is really effing entertaining. and ocassionally I stop by Another Maria's blog, we have been following each other on twitter for a long time now...


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Post Titled: Letters from (and then to) Barack
So, yea- I was feeling like a jackass on my work break this morning. I#m italics:

"Paul --

As you may have heard, 10 supporters will be joining me backstage before I accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
I know, man. I heard. You emailed me like two dozen times in the past 3 days asking for $5. In case you'll notice, if you've checked your email I haven't asked you for money. Ever.

I'm pleased to announce that those supporters have been selected, and I wanted to tell you a little about them.
Lucky ducks.Did you hook me up with some supporters while you were at it? Because I need some support, too.

The people who make up our movement are of all different ages, races, and backgrounds -- and these folks are no different.
People do come in all shapes, sizes and colors, don't they-?

Lenny is a former naval officer from Emerald Isle, NC. Wait- not THE Emrald Isle? Then you could really play up the Irish O'bama bit that one....
Barb is a teacher married to a farmer in Fallon, MT.
Quaint.I lived near O'Fallon, IL once. ...O'.
James is a law student in Massillon, OH. Oh, ok- cool... where is Ohio? And Anne is a retired budget analyst from Indianapolis. Thinking: *you got me there.*

John from Boulder, CO, believes developing alternative energy is the answer to an array of policy problems. Duuude, that's because John is from Boulder, CO. And Kayla from West Fargo, ND, didn't feel like she could ever be part of the political process -- until now. Well, she's just visiting you backstage like a groupie, -not headlining and/or selling out the effing arena. -äy.
Dated a girl from Fargo once... good people. Dunno about W. Fargo, though.

They each bring their own unique perspectives and experience, and they are united by their hunger for change. The word "hunger" always reminds me of that David Bowie movie with Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve... or those commercials of starving Ethopians from the 1980s. Hunger HUNGER. By the way- when I have kids can you take them ice skating? I'll pay.

You can read more about these amazing people below. Or I'll just google them and see how cool they really are.
Ok, I will. (Wait- I was supposed to say that... beat me to it on that one, sly bastard.)I'm looking forward to it- might I add..
I'm looking forward to meeting them at the Open Convention, Buy me a plane ticket, bro. You got cash. You want more of my love you gotta buy me a ticket. and I hope you will join us in sharing this important moment.
But Barack, man, I ...I can't, it is in Colorado and I am in Berlin. I'll try to stream it through as seen through a camera in your visionary bionic left eye, but I have a pretty slow internet connection---

If you cannot make it to Denver, you can get together with your friends and family and watch my acceptance speech at a Convention Watch Party. I have no friends or family, you are my only hope. It's going to be a big night, Big like big... sky. Stars... and stuff? and you can join millions of supporters across the country to make it a success.

Sign up to host or attend a Convention Watch Party in your community on Thursday, August 28th: Well, I don't have a tv but the 24-hour bar across the street does... can I convince dying alcoholics to watch American politics on tv in the middle of the night?... we'll see... Ok, I'll try.

Thank you for your belief in our ability to bring real change to this country. I never said that. You continue to grow and strengthen our movement in ways no one thought possible. Whoawhoawhoa- hey don't get ahead of yourself there, buddy.


Barack Obama schrieb:"


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Post Titled: Hey Monday

Muppets Kermit the Frog Lime in the Coconut from the Muppet Show


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Friday, August 15, 2008

gone East again. Post-Google will be offline for a few days, going back to Gdańsk.
have a ____ weekend!

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"Hey *§%holes,
we are playing at mano's cafe last time ever for the third time.

You know where it is.
You know who we are.

Come to the #*%&ing show."

The Cowboy Killers:

Mike Ellison / Charlie Booth / Sully Morland


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Post Titled: Georgian Flag under Russian Soldier at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. Georgische fahne hängt unter russischem Soldaten am Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
In sort of very tasteful guerrilla political statement a Georgian flag was hung beneath the large photo installation of the Russian soldier at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin sometime last night or this morning. How the hell they got it up there I have no idea since it is about 14 feet up a pole in the middle of the street.
a good friend of mine is the Georgian painter Vaho Muskheli, whose father urged for the flag to be changed back to the current (historical) design, so I got a kind of rush to see it there blowing in the wind...
you are welcome to appropriate this foto for non-commercial use, please just credit/link me and Post-Google (this blog) -cheers. ;p)

BBC: "US and Poland sign defence deal" AND- DEUTSCHE WELLE: "Defence deal angers Russia" OR NY TIMES: "At a news conference on Friday, a senior Russian defense official, Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, suggested that Poland was making itself a target by agreeing to serve as host for the anti-missile system. Such an action “cannot go unpunished,” he said."


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Post Titled: "Trinken und Rad fahren ist ein schweres Verbrechen in diesem Land." (and somehow I still love Poland...)
So, to wrap things up once and for all I returned to Poland to pay my 1,000 złoty in fines. Oddly enough: due to a late train at Ostbahnhof I missed my connection and called ahead to say I'd be late for my appointment- first call: no answer and second call resulted in an absurd exchange of me English-German-Denglisch vs. Polish... You'd think that if you had one appointment with an English-speaker on a Thursday morning and then an hour and a half before that an appointment you started getting calls in English you might seem to have a clue of who it might be... but did not seem to be the case. After a lot of very simple, slow explaining:
"Checsht. Ich bin der Amerikaner... (my name). Amerikaner. I'm the American... arrested last week... letzte woche war ich verhaftet... (my name)...
ja.. appointement today termin heute
kommt 30 min. spät... Ammer... coming 30 minutes late...
amerikaner... American...Amer..ikanski...
tak tak, 30 min. spät
will be-

It went on like this for minutes. In the end I think- based on the tone- that it has been established that I was (my name), the American who had recently been arrested, and that I would be 30 minutes late, -then
instead of saying "jenki" (thanks) Stressed-out, I accidentally said "buzi" (kisses)(!!!) and it resulted in a very awkward silence, then a very quick goodbye on their side. For fear of being late I took a taxi from the Frankfurt Oder train station directly to the police station in Slubice. The waiting room was empty and there was no one behind the glass, at which point I accidentally pushed my way through he buzzer-operated locked door and found myself in the ol' detention area, got yelled at ans was ushered back out- they took my papers and I say down for an hour and a half in the ridiculously hot waiting area. Young girls kept leaving one by one, a new one exiting every minutes with papers--- took a few hours for the translator to arrive... more waiting, more confusion... the way they described it was that I would be getting some sort of hearing, but instead they completely ignored me and chatted witht eh translator...
"Trinken und Rad fahren ist ein schweres Verbrechen in diesem Land. Glauben Sie es oder nicht, Sie können bis zu ein Jahr Gefängnis verurteilt werden nur deswegen, dass Sie betrunken Rad fahren. Es ist fast dasselbe, wenn Sie trinken und einen schweren LKW fahren (zwei Jahre Gefängnis). Das zugelassene Niveau ist 0,2 ml Alkohol in einem Liter Blut (0,2 Promille). Obwohl niemand sich darum kümmert und man auf dem Lande viele betrunkene Radfahrer sehen kann (Überraschung!), von Zeit zu Zeit stoppt die Polizei die Radfahrer und fordert sie zu einem Alkoholtest auf. Die Daumenregel: wenn Sie mit der Polizei sprechen müssen, nähern Sie sich ihr nicht an betrunken und auf dem Fahrrad."
Translated: Drinking and bike-riding is a serious crime in this country. Believe it or not you can be condemned for up to one year in prison when you drink and ride. It is almost the same as if you drank and drove an 18-wheeler (which is 2 years in prison). The allowed blood-alcohol level is .2 ml per liter of blood. Although no one cares and one can see drunken bike-riders all over the country (what a surprise!), from time to time police stop a bike rider and request that they take an alcohol test. The rule-of thumb: if you have to speak with the Police, do not approach them drunk on a bicycle." or in my case- anywhere NEAR a bicycle for that matter. found at Exotic Poland

Tags for any poor stupid souls who may come across this: biking in Poland drunken biking in poland arrest for biking drunk in poland- this article in german bascially says that biking under the influence in Poland is almost on-par with drunk driving and can be punished by one year in prison


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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Post Titled: just noticed that the VOLUME on THE BBC NEWS VIDEO PLAYER goes up to 11. who did that...? sneaky buggers.
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TOE JAM is a collaboration between David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) such a clever little thing they have here.


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looked at the island where the final solution was decided upon and the naked old folks on the FKK strand next to the island where the final solution was decided, WENT DOWN THE WATERSLIDE.
(yes, these are the words of a cranky old man) they were loud running around; FELL ASLEEP; AWOKE; ALL WAS WHITE- crowd had changed except for the Algerians and there was a fogginess but
ROAR ROAR ROAR AFTER AWHILE IT WAS KINDA ATTRACTIVE and I thought she was kind of lovely after the 5th slow-mo replay BUT NOT AS MUCH AS


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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Post Titled: Arrest in Poland explained
Post Subtitled: just bad luck... wrong place, wrong time, wrong police, wrong judicial system.

Lots of friends and blog readers have asked for details regarding the "Ill-fated Trip to Słubice"


Overall, I was basically quite unjustly treated by bored police who were giddy at coming across an American... "oh, Californski! hahahahahah" yea.
also, spending time with the Polish Police is like being trapped in a nonsensical sort of Monty Python Nightmare, everyone is really goofy... but at the same time they can hold you for up to three months until trial, which isn't funny. They can also hold you for 48 hours without charging you for any crime- which is detailed in a paper I was forced to sign in German (I speak German but not German legalese), but most everything else was in Polish- until day 2 when they got me a German-polish translator and then wouldn't properly transcribe my statement and also forced me to sign a dozen documents while I was in handcuffs. Awesome. Mind you they speak a few workd of German, I speak less than 30 words of Polish, and then one guy speaks a tiny bit of English- that's it.

here is a chat where I complain about it:
Michelle: what were you in jail for???
me: long story, but my stubborn friend abruptly left the bar we were at while i wa in the middle of a conversation wit these two older people abot the history of the realtionship between the town of Polish Slubice and the German city of Frankfurt (Oder) which are separated by the Oder river. anyhow, my friend got bored because he couldn't follow or participate in the German conversation very well so he left-
and I was shouting at him to wait for me because my bike was still locked up to a post, but he apparently didn't hear me and kept going. When I finally got my bike unlocked I realized that I had forgotten my wallet on the table at the bar, so i ran back, got it and I thought i saw my friend taking a wrong turn (on the way back toward the bridge back to Germany) so i hopped on my bike, rode very quickly on the sidewalk for about one block , stopped and looked for him trying to figure out which way he'd gone- and that is when the police van pulled up beside me and that was that.
Michelle: i don't get it what did they arrest you for??
they arrested me for biking under the influence apparently- which I was- for one whole block. on the sidewalk.
Michelle: hahaha, sorry, that is funny
fucking hilarious
me: although when they came to me I was not even riding, I was just standing there
Michelle: is that illegal in germany?
me: Poland
Michelle: it's illegal in poland ?
me: well, you can get a ticket here in Germany -my friend got one for €80 but was not arrested
Michelle: HA
that makes me giggle
me: I have no idea how illegal it is in Poland,
Michelle: it's probably illegal here too
me: everything was in Polish- not sure, but I was on the SIDEWALK. STOPPED. and they wrote-up in MY statement that they stopped ME-
on the second day they did finally get me a German-Polish translator when I had to give my statement
Michelle: i can't believe they put you in JAIL for that????????
me: dude, they were bored. the border has been opened since December, no more harassing people at the passport control...
but it was weird, they seemed to actually feel bad about it because I was super calm and co-operative... I think they expected me to put up a fight, like on COPS
they even askled me about that: "you are calm, not like American Police,."
Michelle: haha
me: ugh. but then the entire staff changed by morning and they didn't know me and how effing cooperative i was, then it was back to zero.
Michelle: sorry
that happened
to you
me: mh
it was crazy
i had no air
no water, it sucked
the only time I ever got any new air inthe cell was when I went to the bathroom- but sometimes it would take forever for them to get around to answer the door- the first time it took them at least a half-hour, if not more.

before I got locked up it was back in the van with this crazy shirtless tatooed skinhead who was handcuffed behind his back- I wasn't at all, we were taken to the hospital/doctors for a basic checkup- probably to determine if we would survive Polish prison conditions- I#m guessing, dunno- there was never any explanation...



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Exhibit A: I got my impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed, afterwards when my cheeks were two softball-sized bloody messes they gave me tylenol. tylenol... to deal with the pain. when the wounds were re-opened during air pressure change during a plane-ride several weeks later I found myself in LA's Cedars-Sinai on a morphine drip watching Endless Summer 2 on a tiny TV they had put right in front of my face-.

Exhibit B: Johannes gets into a bad bike accident,
he is prescribed six (count 'em: 6) IBUPROFEN to "USE ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" -what the hell
so, dear readers, if anyone has any leftover painkillers please send them our way- clearly we need to stockpile ahead of time for our future injuries.
the American Healthcare system may be complete crap, but at least they give you drugs for serious pain, what is up with the wince-and-bear-it attitude here???

oh, and in my iGoogle I get Quotes of the day, and... honestly this bizarre grouping shocked me this morning...

Quotes of the Day- Alba, Einstein, & Chaplin


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"someone/something is wrong on the internet!"
click on this foto and find the mistake:

came across this yesterday, surprised that it hadn't been changed yet since the article was from July 25th
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Post Titled: Of course... YouTube video induces response YouTube video...
See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad (click for original via HuffPo)
An ad for The Paris Hilton Presidential Campaign. Paid for by Funny Or Die." Paris Hilton Obama video


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Post Titled: Travel Pussy
Condom machine in German campground

weird East German car

puled out in front of my apartment


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& ain't ain't a word so I ain't gonna sayit.

- is it?
I was listening to WEEKEND AMERICA and read Mithridates aka Mifune's education post one more and then this segment came on the show:

and I thought about just how many many many times I have had this/these thoughts since I was a teenager... even last weekend while camping I jokingly said to AMPoland that "my kids ain' gonna play with nuthin' but PINEcones, Acorns, stones and rocks!... maybe some LEGOs" based -of course- on "RONIA the Robber's Daughter" GUIDE TO PARENTING... (Ronia, come to think of it, is the only book I can recall ever having read in one sitting.)
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Post Titled: World City Populations

if this is accurate, interesting, we realized the other day that we didn't know what the largerst city in the world was "Bombay7Mumbai?" no... "Tokyo?" hmmm.


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Monday, August 04, 2008

Post Titled: The Lonesome Crowded Internet
Post Subtitled: Yep.
ended up in Polish Prison. More to come...
Meanwhile I discovered that it works really well if you just substitute the word "Folsom" with the word "Polish" and sing yerself some Johnny Cash...

(hopefully I will have the scanned pages of the letter I wrote to Johannes while sitting in jail uploaded here soon...)

in a nutshell:
-no phonecall (no one knew where i was for nearly 24 hours)
-18 hours without water
-no air!!! or ventilation!!!
-slept on a wooden box, they (the Police) discouraged the use of a mattress because they were just too gross to be used
-too much light at night, not enough during the day...
-leaving handcuffs on while we did paperwork and I had to sign my name a dozen times
and the list could go on and on

Johannes and I figure this was sort-of the middle ground between a first and third world prison...

Meanwhile meanwhile...
after a week of camping and then being in jail, I just can't ... get interested in the whole virtual world before my eyes... do I have to break myself back in- toss myself in a warm oven, oil often, punch-up constantly and then sleep under my own pillow like a baseball mitt? mmh. now that I am back at work... the internet doesn't smell or taste or scare or cause you to bleed or cry...

thinking: need to be smarter about everything, need to learn another other language (probably Polish), need to not take things for granted... which i don't too much, but still.

on another subject... kind-of...
once again re-enforcing the Beat Poets' final death at the hands of the Zombie Robot Army of SPAM generators...
Weird spam today: for example:

Subject:Miley Cyrus hidden pics
Message:Italy charges Google for espionage

Question: Isn't "life to short" to spend time reading the news? I mean,
same problems, same disasters, same politics, so little GOOD being reported...
Hmm... that is just my homebase/base thought of the morning after not using a computer for 6 days...
Is life too short to spent more than 30 minutes online per day?---

Subject:Passenger plane crash kills thousands
Message:American guys think Japanese women give the best orgasm

Subject: Britney Spears announces third pregnancy
Message: US torture facility in Guam exposed by UN, to be shut down

Subject:Russian serial killer on the loose
Message:FDA faulted over unapproved uses of medication

Subject:New nudity art interests thousands
Message: Christian Bale sentenced to 3 months imprisonment

Subject: hydrolysis anselmo
Message:synagogue mars harris

contrast jackson harris? burglar, percentage harris.
tile synagogue gorky far pyrolyse harris, peasant
intrinsic decelerate burden curriculum waltham.

contrast bred.

Subject:juan crimp
Message:theodore caliber theodore

ambiance officious immediate? desorption, crimp theodore.
curio repute theodore oxcart horrid pizzeria, megaword
courtyard besetting caliber immediate ambiance.

juan conquistador.


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